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Outside, there are two dudes from like Ireland or Uzbekistan or somewhere, they talk like the Foreignia version of Fiona and it's just as distracting, and they watch Steve drive off with the kids before heading toward the house, talking about Catholics ("They replicate like rabbits!") and prophylactics ("If the Pope ever approves of condoms, I'd get baptized. A lot I like about the Catholic Mass.") and then they head inside after beating up a man in the back of their truck to confirm that it's Frank's house. Fiona doesn't look up when the whoever comes inside, assuming it's the kids, but luckily she still has the Killing Bat in hand when she notices the two heavies casing her living room. Seems Frank owes them either $6000 or a car, for some con or another, and whether or not he even lives there right now, it's going to be Fiona's turn to get beat up if he doesn't produce it. Fiona and her bad days. I don't think of myself as a disloyal person and I do have a fairly close-knit family myself, but I do think at some point you draw the line. I honestly don't understand, in terms of cost-benefit, what this loyalty to Frank earns you. It just makes the Gallaghers seem deranged/brainwashed, a little, that they haven't cut him out already for the sheer metric tons of shit he brings down on them all the time. Although no, I guess that was the whole point of the headbutt incident with Ian, that he had finally crossed it.

Ian's set Lip up with this great guy for the SAT scam, a tall dipshit football player, whose $300 will also net him a date with Karen ("He doesn't talk! It's fun!") but who seems really confused about most things. The dialogue and acting are both brilliant in this scene, as they try to explain basic shit to him: The SAT will be taken in three weeks. He will not be sitting next to Lip while he's taking the test. He will in fact not be there, having been replaced by Lip pretending to be him, using a fake ID. "But what if they ask me for my ID?" Um... There will be a fake ID and you won't be there. "But I'm tall!" Lip just shakes his head and lets it go. "Yeah, that's a chance were just going to have to take." It's great.

So Sheila's "session" arrives, and it's a funny cute lady named Malaya who outfits her with a VR rig like Alsatia's Woozyhelmet and then guides her through a virtual grocery store while mixing herself screwdrivers and hanging out in Sheila's house. They chatter for awhile but the point of the scene is looking at Sheila with this machine on her head, hooked up to Malaya's laptop, and the little Atari joystick she's using, and the total weirdness of Sheila.

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