Fall Pilot Season 2011: Grimm

by admin October 29, 2011
Fall Pilot Season 2011: Grimm

More creepy music plays as a bald woman drives down a suburban street with a huge silver trailer in tow. She is clearly a zombie, because you've have to be undead to willingly drive around in public with wood paneling these days. She pulls into a driveway and walks to the front door, peeking through the windows.

SLAM goes a filing cabinet drawer at the police station, where Nick has learned that 23 known predators live within five miles of the crime scene (great spot to go to college, no?), but none who have ever done something so violent as literally tear a human to shreds. When Hank finds out that a university student as gone missing, the boys go for a ride. They talk to one of her friends, who confirms that Grimm does, in fact, have a deal with Apple and that their victim is definitely Slyvie "Lil Dead" Oster of Portland, Oregon. On that note, the two call it a day so that Nick can go home and propose to his girlfriend.

He pulls up to his house -- the very one scary lady is in! -- hears a dog and starts tweaking. He suspiciously walks in, calls for his girlfriend, and THEN... immediately sees his Aunt Marie, a family member so close that she has her own key. Phew! Just glad I can start addressing scary lady by a name. Marie's not doing so well, though her memory of Nick putting a dead frog in the microwave is as sharp as ever. She whispers to Nick that they need to talk, and on a walk she reveals how long it's been (two months, two weeks, two days; and I'm assuming this has something to do with cancer). He's upset that she didn't come to him sooner but she's all, "Shut your yapper, there are bigger fish to fry right now, like big family secrets." Nick has no idea what she's talking about, because it's not like he's been seeing demons everywhere or anyth-- oh, those! Yeah. Marie has a perfectly reasonable explanation and solution for all of this: Their family is full of misfortune and Nick has to cut off all contact with the love his life immediately. He's baffled and she senses something wicked coming their way.

Pulling out a knife and whispering "Oh my god. He's here," Marie quickly furthers her badassery when she starts fighting off a monster. The makeup and music are excellently campy! The Grimms fight the bad guy, eventually killing him, but not before she gets a few good shots at Aunt Marie. When he's finally dead, his face morphs back into a human form... and there's that title card!

Nick checks out his aunt. She's alive but injured, and reveals a bit more about their family's Secret Circle -type doomed mystery: Dangerous monsters follow them places, and that they should always keep costume jewelry on them at all times. Seriously though, she hands him this odd looking green necklace and tells him that his parents didn't die in a crash -- they were killed. And then she passes out.

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