Fall Pilot Season 2011: Grimm

by admin October 29, 2011
Fall Pilot Season 2011: Grimm

The next day, we're back in procedural mode. There's still some troubling finding DNA, but Hank was able to get the exact make of the boot from the print found at Red's crime scene. And, duh, the next shot is of a person -- the killer, duh -- wearing those very boots, duh, and duh he is a postal employee, come on, duhhhhh. Ah, and he's walking past another girl in a red riding hoodie and he starts following her like a creepy and I would be lying if I said I wasn't slightly clenching my butt in fear.

Back in the hospital, Marie "Former Librarian" Kessler-Grimm is not doing so good, but Nick's got not time for that because he's got to investigate the disappearance of that little girl. There's not too much info on suspects because the cops have not checked in with the Paranormal Fairy Tale Monsters Unit. You can already see the wheels in Nick's head start to turn and he uses his super-sleuthing skills to determine that this case is linked to the girl in the woods because they were both wearing red sweatshirts. Capt. Renard dignifies this observation with a passing comment ("Let's hope they aren't connected") which is a lot more than Nick deserves. Next, he'll tell us that both girls had Lady Gaga on their iPods.

USPS truck of doom guns it as Hank and Nick investigate. I realize I've already made one Wire reference already, but the dynamic and personalities and physical appearance of these two coppers reminds me of Jimmy McNulty and Bunk, and I hope one day they have a scene where they only use one word to interact with each other. On The Wire it was "fuck," and here it'd probably just be "grimm". Anyways, the duo is in the woods and decides to split up. Nick starts thinking about what his aunt told him while Hank is just kinda freaked out on his own accord. He sees the little girls purple backpack and it is ka-reepy. Nick tries to follow the bootprints while Hank phones his coworkers, and the tracks lead him to a dude (Silas Weir Mitchell reprising his usual role of Unstable Guy #7) in boots who just so happens to be checking his mail... as a few little girls ride by on bikes... which turns him into a wolf. BUSTED.

Nick runs after him and pins him to the floor in his own home, and before Sweater Wolf can talk... COMMERCIALS.

While our sponsors were kind enough to tell us about their products, the cops have showed up to 1 Sweater Wolf Lane to search the premises for the missing girl. Nick swears she's in there somewhere, but his coworkers say they've torn this place apart worse than that one girl got torn apart in the woods (sorry). Hank pulls Nick outside and stops telling him to act crazy, and Nick has no way to prove that he's not crazy. Then Sweater shoots him an extremely unsettling look.

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