Fall Pilot Season 2011: Grimm

by admin October 29, 2011
Fall Pilot Season 2011: Grimm

That night, Juliet looks out on the trailer where her psycho not-fiancé is in his aunt's trailer. He looks through the Grimm Family Book or whatever and sees a drawing of Sweater, and then we cut to Nick in front of 1 Sweater Wolf Lane, where the monster is stirring in his home and pissing on his own fence, ew! Just as Nick starts fiddling around near the pee, Sweater jumps out of his own window (what?) and growls up in the detective's face. He then laughs and is all, "Lighten up, I'm just making a point," returns to his human and then invites Nick in for a Monster Mash.

Sweater knows all about the Grimm family and it turns out that he grew up being afraid of Nick's family. He immediately recognizes Nick as the newbie that he is and it is kind of awesome. He's no stranger to Aunt Marie, but he swears that he's a medium-sized good wolf who doesn't kill anymore, tossing out the term "bludebot," and that can't be the proper way of writing that word out, but I've rewound a bunch of times and I can't figure out what the word is, so I'm going to keep calling him Sweater. Sweater says every wolf-thing knows about Nick's family's precious books and calls the Grimms out for wolf profiling. He once again convinces us that he's a good guy in this show and credits his ability to suppress his wolf urges to a "strict regimen of diet, drugs and pilates." Heh. He talks about bludebot church and clearly we are going to learn more about the ancient history and mythology of these things in episodes to come. Nick's really upset and trying to make sense of all of this wackiness, and Sweater tells him there's not too much he can control.

Nick brings up the missing girl and Sweater denies knowing her whereabouts, so he starts asking more about bludebotten. Sweater explains that he doesn't know much about the other wolves because they go nuts when they're in a pack, especially when they see red (I sure hope none of them are watching Unforgettable, then). After some more back and forth of Sweater trying to prove his innocence, they talk about fence-peeing territory-marking incident and Nick starts with the threats. Sweater's all "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry!" and...

We cut into deep in the woods where the postal worker is getting a crying sack of laundry out of his car. This is some Lovely Bones shit right here. He opens up a hidden door to a scary storybook basement. It's actually a pretty sweet room... to DIE IN. She is so afraid and just wants to go home and his ultra-creep response is, "You are home," ew! He has her take off her jacket, and he puts the little red hoodie in an armoire filled with other red hoodies as he hums "Sweet Dreams" to himself, all on-the-nose and such. He offers to cook the girl a chicken pot pie and -- much to the would-be dismay of Cam and Mitchell -- she refuses.

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