Beauty and the Beast: Pilot Review

by admin October 11, 2012
Fall Pilot Season 2012: Beauty and the Beast

New Math goes upstairs to interrogate Vincent (Jay Ryan), who doesn't answer his questions about the fingerprints, but instead hands over a nine-year-old newspaper clipping about the night that Catherine's mom got killed. New Math freaks out. As you'd expect. Vincent says that a woman (socialite Ashley) was in trouble, and that he tried to help her (he didn't kill her or anything like that). And here's where we get our first good look at the Beast. He looks like a scruffy, good looking dude. Utterly terrifying. Vincent says he didn't know it was going to be Catherine's case, and he earns a lecture from New Math about how he isn't supposed to interact with people, or anything like that for fear that he'll be discovered.

Vincent complains about the vast warehouse being like a prison (maybe if they did some home improvements, it wouldn't be so bad), and New Math thinks that if it's so bad, Vincent should have continued helping with the antidote. Is the antidote to cure his hotness? Because that doesn't need to be cured. Vincent angrily replies that he's come to terms with his life in the shadows. And New Math says that if Cat lets people know that Vincent is still alive, there will be people after them and both roomies will be "dead dead."

We head to the morgue where Ashley's waxy body is laid out on the table (way to go, special effects team), where coroner Evan (Max Brown) informs just Catherine (because Tess is obviously off finding new ways to poke fun at Cat's sex life) that the head wounds are superficial, and that there are no signs of trauma, but still the girl is dead. She does have a weird rash, and shows signs of receiving CPR. Evan also found a hair, and uses the opportunity to ask Catherine out on a date since his flight attendant girlfriend has been transferred to another city. But she's a flight attendant. She could easily fly back, no? Whatever.

Their awkward flirting is interrupted by a call on Cat's cell phone, saying that Ashley's husband turned up claiming he was home all night. He tries to show them proofs he was developing (people still do that?) and reveals a happy face stamp on his wrist, a clear sign he was at a nightclub. He says he went to a fundraiser on his way to work... at home? His timeline seems shady. As does the fact that his proofs are on a faux iPad, with dates that could easily have been fiddled with. Ashley recently got a promotion, and so the crack detectives start to wonder if someone at work hated her enough to kill her.

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