Beauty and the Beast: Pilot Review

by Angel Cohn October 11, 2012
Fall Pilot Season 2012: Beauty and the Beast

Cut to interviewing Ashley's assistant Emily, who has about a pound of random makeup and whatnot in her purse, which she lays on the table while searching for Ashley's flash drive. Ashley thinks that Chloe the beauty editor felt entitled to the job, and was miffed that Ashley got the raise. This whole annoying situation is interrupted by Evan, who tells Cat that the DNA from the hair is corrupt but it has the same cross-species DNA that turned up in her mom's case.

She sits in her apartment (which is HUGE by the way), and looks through footage that makes her go to New Math because his car was spotted near the crime scene. But Tess finds out that New Math's alibi is totally solid, but that doesn't dissuade Catherine from going to the creepy warehouse to check things out totally on her own and without any sort of a warrant or evidence.

She announces herself and claims to have a warrant (liar!) and then goes up the stairs and through the weird fencing to see his whole lab, which also includes a giant punching bag. She calls out for New Math, but Vincent calls out from the shadows that he's teaching class. So she pulls her gun (which looks white or silver with some wood embellishments?) and demands to see the shadowy voice, and the HORRIBLE LOOKING BEAST (or, you know, the handsome guy with the teeny tiny scar across his cheek) comes out. She astutely puts together that he's Vincent Keller. She wants to know why his prints were at the crime scene and he says he tried to help her, because Ashley had been poisoned.

Just then Evan calls to tell her that he's confirmed the cause of death is nicotine poisoning. Vincent says he knew this because of his highly tuned sense of smell. He keeps reiterating that he didn't do it. She brings up the hair from the old murder case, and then spots the clipping from the newspaper. And then Tess shows up looking for Cat. How easy it is to get around New York City! Vincent says that no one can know he's alive, and so Cat rushes Tess out of the place to keep him safe.

Ugly stock footage of the city runs before we see Cat in a very nice silk blouse trying to contact a detective Hernandez about a case from nine years prior. She gets no info. So off she goes to help Tess give an update on the case to their boss. While Tess rambles about nicotine, and boss man demands to know how Keller plays into all this, Cat realizes that the fashion magazine would be the perfect place to lay your hand on some fancy chemical poisons.

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