Beauty and the Beast: Pilot Review

by admin October 11, 2012
Fall Pilot Season 2012: Beauty and the Beast

They go to bed (not like that, pervs; that will get saved for sweeps) and when she wakes up later, he kicks her out and says she can't come back, and she should stop pursuing her mom's death because it is dangerous for the both of him. He must be tired of saving her ass by now, you'd think. She drives off all upset, but she still knows where he lives, so she could go back if she really wanted to.

The next morning, Tess is trying to pry about why Cat didn't return her calls, and of course she thinks she got back with pot-smoking boyfriend because she has a sex glow. Cat claims that she's more excited about finding the murder weapon, which involves something from the beauty closet that was slipped into Ashley's hair product.

But before she can crack this case, she has to go apologize to Evan because she'd agreed to a movie date with him and then totally blew him off when she passed out at Vincent's. He gives her a little grief, but says that he left her a message that she didn't bother checking, and she claims to have lost her phone. Like I'd buy this excuse if I were him. Anyway, he says that they didn't find evidence of a pregnancy, but they found bed bugs. Gross. They've got dogs that can find them and get rid of that problem now, so Ashley was rich enough to get this fixed. But the bugs hold DNA (who knew?) and it turns out that there were lots of women in Ashley's bed. Guess she had a bigger problem than the bugs.

They find a model who hooked up with the husband on the night of Ashley's death. She said that Alex didn't want her saying anything because of the pre-nup that would screw him right out of her cash if he turned out to be a cheating scumbag. Boss Bishop says that there was no pre-nup; he just had to file for divorce. And then a random agent-looking person shows up to talk to Bishop about the bodies on the subway, and they take them away... but not before threatening Cat a little bit.

Cat goes back to shady warehouse and jumps about a foot off the ground when he sneaks up on her. Way to stay calm in the face of danger, detective. She wants to tell Vincent about the military guys who took the bodies and maybe found her phone. He again tells her that they had one night together and tries to get her to go away, in the way that someone would dump a one-night stand, but she's acting like a crazy stalker. His face gets veiny and his voice gets autotuned and he throws a trash can at her to get her to leave. Still not really what you'd call hideous or anything. Pissed off that this crazy girl won't leave him alone, maybe.

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