Be Cruel to Your School

by admin September 18, 2009
Fall Pilot Season: Community

Everyone applauds, and Abed says it feels like a movie with Bill Murray in it. Jeff excuses himself and Britta, but Britta thanks him for calming everyone down and then tells him to beat it for being a liar. At this point, Jeff stops caring one iota for these people, and tells them he has the test answers and isn't going to share them. He reveals that the study group is made up, the speech was all BS and that he used to be a lawyer. Cue groans. Abed says Jeff no longer reminds him of Bill Murray; now it's Michael Douglas, which is a bad thing. Jeff tells him he has Asperger's and leaves. Troy and Pierce chuckle at the word. Outside, Jeff finally opens the answers, and finds a ream of blank pages, with the last one saying "Booyah."

Jeff kicks open the door to Duncan's office, where Duncan is drinking wine. Duncan tries to explain the lesson Jeff has learned, but Jeff simply demands his car keys back. Walking past the library, Jeff is hailed by Pierce, who says Jeff reminds him of a younger him. Pierce reveals he's been divorced seven times as Troy sits down on the steps with them; apparently, the study group got boring after Jeff left. Troy asks for some advice about his letterman's jacket, and Jeff tells him not to lose it or keep it for anyone. The rest of the group emerges, and Jeff tells them he doesn't have the answers, and he would study like a normal person, but he's always been too smart to do any real work. After a pantomimed conversation among the group's members behind Jeff's back (during which Abed worries that he's gone deaf), Britta reluctantly invites him to rejoin the group, which didn't really get far without him. They all re-enter the library, and Abed apologizes for calling Jeff Michael Douglas. "I see your value now," he says. That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to Jeff. Fade in the ending of an awesome cover of The Breakfast Club's "Don't You (Forget About Me)," and fade out any misgivings I had about this show.

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