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What's the Frequency, Benneth?

Back in the office, Scott attaches one end of the jumper cables to the transistor, and Ben starts to run the other end out to the flagpole. Tom is like, "WHAT are you doing outside?" and then takes over, clamping the cables to the flagpole as instructed. And...those are some long-ass jumper cables. Ben winces in pain from the frequency in his head. While all this is happening, Maggie starts firing at the Mechs, and the others join in. And then, just as everyone runs out of ammo, things get quiet. Maggie tells Jimmy, who's hunkered down, to get up and see something beautiful. And the Mechs are going away! Jimmy says, "The Mechs! They're running away from us?" Tom yells, "That's right! And this is just the start! We beat 'em once, we can beat 'em again!" This bunch of tools cheers like if it weren't for an old man and his radio and his half-Skitter companion and a magical 60-foot long jumper cable they wouldn't have been completely eviscerated. I mean, I don't know much about alien robots or radio frequencies, but I find this situation to be highly improbable. And yet, compared to what happens a little later on, it's like the apex of realism. I'm sorry I'm being such a bitch about this show right now. But come on!

It's dark, and the 2nd Mass folks are still in a celebratory mood. Maggie thinks that the Skitters will be back, but tells Jimmy that he did a good job in the fight. Tom tells Maggie that Ben's hurting a little from all the frequencies in his head, but hanging in there. He commends her work in the battle and she says, "Oh, we should try it again sometime." Sarcasm even in the face of doom! And then Hal and Dai return to tell Tom that the 4th and 5th never showed up, and that Weaver is going to try to complete the mission any way he can. Tom says that doing it by themselves is suicide, which Weaver must know. Hal thinks that's why they sent him back, and adds that the others couldn't live with themselves if they didn't at least try the attack. Tom finds it curious that Hal rode in from Boston and didn't find any trouble, and sees that as evidence that Scott's jamming idea worked. The aliens could be withdrawing their forces and figuring out what hit them. Tom sees this as an opportunity, and says that he wants the generator and the transmitter loaded onto a vehicle stat.

Anne packs up the pharmacy in preparation for her evacuation, and Tom walks into the clinic. There is mood lighting galore, which you would think would be hard to achieve with battery-powered lanterns. Anne says that she's going to miss the school, which is where she had her first good memories since the whole alien takeover. Tom is in no mood for small-talk, though, and looks troubled. He says that the Skitters pulled back, which should allow her the time to get the civilians to a safe spot. He advises her to look for someplace secluded and close to water, and then announces that he's not going with them right away. He's carried out his duties of keeping the civilians safe -- because leaving them to wander alone in the woods is a really stellar move -- but now there are men in the field who deserve the same consideration. Tom can't walk away. Anne looks as if the fact that Tom is going back into Boston for Weaver is the most erotic thing she's ever heard. She knows that she can't change Tom's mind. He says that if something happens to him, he'd like her to watch out for his kids. She says that she'll look out for them until Tom comes back, and he WILL come back. And then Tom plants one on Anne! It's the moment we've all been waiting for. How great would it be if Tom decided that Weaver could wait until after they had a quickie on a chem lab desk?

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