Falling Skies
Eight Hours

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What's the Frequency, Benneth?

Scott and Hal pack up the car, and Scott explains that somehow the car is one big antenna. Convenient! Additionally, the Skitter frequency has also remained the same. Also convenient! As long as the generator is full of gas, Tom's good to go. Ben wants to come along, in case the frequency changes, but Tom won't have it. He also won't let Hal come. He is not a fun dad! The three Mason men hug the longest hug in existence, and then Tom takes off.

Soon enough, Tom nears the Skitter Bay Luxury Condos, which features all sorts of spaceships flying around. Tom spies the sweet GTO and stops his car. What he finds, however, is not so great. Pope is sitting by a flipped car, with Anthony in his arms. But this is no sweet love affair. Anthony is breathing but bleeding really badly. Pope claims that he is no fan of Anthony, but says that Christmas is right around the corner. Tom points out that it's actually not that close, and the two of them drag Anthony to the car. Pope says that the last time he saw Weaver, he was headed toward the structure. Since Pope didn't hear anything that sounded like a boom, he's guessing that Weaver didn't make it. All of Pope's lovely explosives gone to waste! Pope says that he can't figure out why the Skitters didn't finish them off. He then sees the radio, and Tom credits it with keeping the Skitters away for a while. Tom tells Pope to take the car and get Anthony to the school while he goes in to Skitter Bay. Pope tells him that, in the trunk of the GTO, there's a little something that will come in handy. It's the Mech metal RPG! It is indeed an impressive looking weapon. Pope wishes Tom luck as he heads into the wild skittery yonder.

After a break, we see Weaver coming to in a truck. The comrade beside him is dead and Weaver looks a little worse for the wear. Tom pops in and Weaver is quite surprised to see him. Tom explains that they held off the Mech attack at the school, and Weaver tells him that as soon as the fighters got near the structure's leg a ship came in and took them out. I can't believe that we didn't see anything of the attempted attack! I know the show probably burned through its special effects budget, but damn. Weaver adds that the bomb is no good now. Tom gazes upwards and says that he thinks the ships are being called home since the 2nd Mass jammed their frequency and messed up their communications. Weaver thinks this is why the streets are deserted, and Tom says that the aliens could be confused or a little afraid. And it's all due to an old dude with a radio from 1950.

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Falling Skies




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