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What's the Frequency, Benneth?

Tom takes a long look at the RPG, and Weaver asks what he's thinking. Tom is thinking that he's close enough to take a shot. Isn't that something that he might want to leave to a pro? Or, in the absence of a pro, Weaver? Weaver points out that the entire U.S. military couldn't make a dent in the alien ships when they attacked, and so the chances for success are slim. But, Tom points out, so were their chances of surviving thus far. The normally serious Tom all of a sudden seems to think he's playing a 3D version of Asteroids, and sensing his boyish enthusiasm, Weaver tells him to go ahead. Tom fires a shot, which hits one of the spacecrafts. Convenient! Said spacecraft then flies directly into one arm of the alien structure and lights it on fire. Convenient! Not that this show has ever been overly concerned with plausibility, but he might as well have flung an Angry Bird to take the whole thing down. This finale is the worst. Weaver's response is, of course, "Good shot." It is a mystery to me why no alien bombs them to death as they stand there chuckling over their good fortune.

Weaver and Tom head back to Acton in the truck, but are stopped short on the road at the sight of Karen standing right in front of them. Tom asks if the aliens sent her to find them, and she says they brought her here because they don't understand. And then one of the tall skinny human-looking aliens shows up. Karen tells Tom that they didn't expect resistance on this level. The aliens find that interesting, and want to talk. Tom still has a lot of testosterone coursing through his body after that lucky shot, and screams, "You thought this was gonna be easy? Superior forces? Superior weapons? You murder millions of people and steal our children, and now you want to negotiate? What the hell do you want from us?" Weaver doesn't even care what the aliens want, and just wants to shoot the nearby tall skinny one right in the...whatever place you'd shoot a skinny alien. Karen adds a calm, "Don't." Weaver asks why he shouldn't, and Karen says, "Because of Ben." She adds that the harness is a process, and Ben isn't free from it just yet. The aliens will call him back...unless Tom goes with them. Weaver is all, "Uh, no." But Tom thinks about Ben's scaly back skin and how he can hear the radio frequencies, and knows that the aliens still have a hold over him.

As Tom starts walking toward Karen, Weaver points out, quite rightly, that Tom can't trust the aliens. Karen says that the aliens can force him, but they don't want that. Just then, a spaceship comes down, bright lights a-blazing. Did anyone else have the theme song from Close Encounters of the Third Kind running through their heads at this moment? Though Weaver is still wary, Tom says that he can't let them take Ben back. I love how they don't even want anything to do with Weaver. They're like, "It's impossible to understand him, and plus he's always squinting." Little do they know that Tom intends to bore them to death with his famous historical parallels! Karen holds out her hand, and Tom takes it. She leads him to the ship as Weaver stands behind, befuddled. THE END!

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