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After the opening credits, we catch up with the fighters heading in to Boston. Several folks -- including Pope, Anthony, and a lady fighter -- sit in the back of the truck. Anthony complains about the bumpy ride, and Pope quotes from the movie The Wages of Fear. Nobody really knows what he's talking about, including me. But he says that it's going to take more than a few bumps to set off the four bombs, which are also in the back of the truck. Anthony is less worried about the bombs than the loaded RPG, which he says should not be back there. Pope mocks him some more, and says that the safety is on...he thinks. He then checks it and the safety is in fact not on. Pope thinks this is as funny as a 1940s boxing kangaroo cartoon and he shouts a sudden, "Boom!" for emphasis. Anthony calls him a nutbag, which is totally my insult of choice! I use it particularly to describe my cat, Nula, when she is running around before or after pooping. Cat people, you know what I'm talking about.

Hal leads the 2nd Mass parade on his motorcycle, because you always want to lead with the hot guy. Weaver is standing in the back of the convertible during the whole ride, I guess because he's still a speed freak at heart. He orders two other folks on motorcycles to scout the roads ahead. Hal then approaches Weaver and says they've been lucky so far. Weaver responds, "So far today or so far this year?" Yes, this year in which the whole country has been decimated by aliens has been so very lucky. Weaver says that the Skitters could be concentrating their forces on the highway, but their luck could change. We then see that Weaver has the shakes in his hands, which is likely a symptom of withdrawal. He should be in Sober House right now kvetching with Dr. Drew, and not leading 50 young men and women to their deaths! Weaver asks how much Hal knows, and Hal says that there aren't many secrets between him and his dad. But hearing that Weaver was off pills was good enough for him to volunteer on the mission. I don't know, I think that if there's any time that speed would come in handy it's when you're carrying out an ill-fated attack on your hostile alien overlords.

Hal thinks Weaver is still wondering why he came and Weaver says, "Am I?" Yes, the dialogue is scintillating. And then, proving that the apple doesn't fall so far from the tree, Hal makes a historical parallel! He remembers his dad telling him about the day after Pearl Harbor was bombed. Thousands of guys -- many as young as Hal -- came flooding into the recruiting offices. They didn't know how long the war would last or how hard it would be, but they knew they wanted to fight back. Weaver is all, "Thanks for the history lesson Tom Junior," and then points out that this time it's different. Their enemies aren't like them and don't make the same mistakes. In fact, they haven't missed a beat yet. Hal motions to the 2nd Mass cavalry and says, "I'd say they missed one." Or, the aliens are just fucking with the 2nd Mass. The scouts come back to say that the road is all clear, and the war parade moves ahead.

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Falling Skies




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