Falling Skies
Eight Hours

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We catch up with Rick, who is wandering through some very foggy, scraggly woods. It is the kind of creepy scene that is most reflective of his soul. And there is Megan! Well that didn't take long. He should have tried a hike in the forest earlier. Megan, whose face is starting to get Skitter scales, tells Rick that they've been trying to hear him, but it's been difficult. He says it's because they took the harness off, and then totally gets awkward like he wants to touch her but his hands are too sweaty. Megan says that harness-removing is awful, and that humans just don't understand. "Humans Just Don't Understand" was the first big hit for alien rappers DJ Scatty Skit and the Fresh Mech. Rick holds Megan's gaze and says, "I want to come back and be like them. Like you." Megan is all, "Of course you do!" At least when you're full-on harnessed the Skitter scales eventually cover your dirty face. First, Megan says, Rick needs to tell her everything about the people he's been with. If you thought Rick might have some sort of moral quandary of giving up the people who have been inexplicably nice to him, you forget that he skittered up a wall and attacked an old dude. Rick does not even hesitate at the idea of confessing, and we head to commercials.

When we return, Tom is running through the now-sunnier woods, trying to find Rick. His first clue is a footprint. The second is Rick's voice screaming, "No! Wait! Please, I told you all I know! All I want to do is come back! Please! Please!" And then we see Rick on the ground with Megan nowhere in sight. Dude. The Skitters don't even WANT him. Once again proving themselves more perceptive than humans! Hearing Rick's desperation, Tom can't bear to shoot him. He asks who Rick is talking to and all Rick can say is, "They left me." He only wanted to be with them, but they didn't care. This is what happens when you creep people out! Note to all half-alien hybrids out there: just pretend to be normal! You catch more flies with honey! Tom asks if there are Skitters around, but Rick is so self-obsessed he can't answer any questions but the ones circling in his own head. He says, "I'm not one of them. I'm not one of you." A foot in two cultures but belonging to none! It's like the whole pantheon of second-generation immigrant literature, all bundled up into one kid who can climb walls sometimes.

Rick says he doesn't want to live like this anymore, and tells Tom to go ahead and shoot him. What an opening! Tom acts like he's never even considered such a thing. Which: bitch, please. Tom assures Rick that he didn't follow him into the woods to kill him -- he's there to take him home. Again, bad idea! Just let him wander around in the woods for perpetuity or something! He'll be fine. Rick then starts crying and says he really misses his dad. Way to pull on Tom's heartstrings, kid. Seriously, though, I think he's probably talking about his six-legged dad. Rick says that he's sorry, and Tom comforts him and says that it's okay. But it's actually not okay. To wit, Rick says, "I thought they loved me, but all they wanted was information." Tom gives Rick a, "Whatchoo talkin' 'bout?" kind of look and asks what he told the aliens. Rick's answer? "I told them everything. The school. Weaver. You. Everything." I repeat: everything. As if they weren't screwed enough! What would be awesome is if Tom shot Ricky right now without saying another word? Doesn't happen, though. Rick will live to try to sabotage all humans again.

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Falling Skies




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