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Eight Hours

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Back on the road, the fighters are getting closer to the Skitter Bay Luxury Condos. Weaver looks troubled and calls all his people together. He says that if the 4th and 5th had made it to their set point, their runners were supposed to meet the 2nd Mass in the spot where they are now. He says that they have to assume that the 4th and 5th have been taken out. Uh, genius, that's what everyone else already WAS assuming. They can retreat, or keep going. Weaver, of course, wants to keep going, because he's a psychopath. But, he says that each of the fighters has to make his or her own decision. Pope steps forward and says that before this becomes a weepy Oprah moment, he'd like to note that if they turn back now it would be a waste of some damn fine munitions. He yells, "You call yourselves a resistance, right? SO RESIST! Let's light these alien freaks up!" If he lives and the earth somehow returns back to normal, I think Pope has a fine career as a motivational speaker ahead of him. Anthony is all for going forward, especially if it puts a cork into "old Charlie Manson." He's in. And so is Hal! I guess that means everyone else is in too.

Weaver says that they'll split into four squads, with four separate charges -- one for each leg of the Skitter Bay Luxury Condos. He assigns north, south, and east, and says he'll stay on for the west leg. At 1900 hours he'll send Hal and Anthony to recon with the other squads. If everyone is in place, they'll wait until dark, move in, and position the charges. At exactly 2100 hours they light the fuses, and get the hell out. Pope assures Weaver that his bombs are high quality, and if the fighters get them there, they'll blow. Weaver says that everyone will be on foot after that, and they'll have to make their way back to the school however they can. That's like 26 miles! What's going to happen to all the cars that are currently residing in this spot? Can't they meet back up here? As everyone disperses, Anthony points out that they're going to have a long walk through some very pissed off Skitters. Weaver is like, "Oh well! That's the only plan we've got!" What about a plan involving vehicles? Pope requests a transfer to another squad, so he doesn't have to hang out with Anthony. Weaver knows better than to let Pope out of his sight, however, and says that he stays where he is. Anthony finds this to be hilarious, and actually gives Pope a little pat on the butt. Eventually, these two are totally going to be like the Thelma and Louise of the 2nd Mass.

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