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Back at the school, Tom escorts Rick through the hallways and orders Lourdes to take him to the clinic. He gives Scott the transistor vacuum tube, which Rick was carrying. The kid couldn't at least smash it? I mean, please. Tom calls some civilians together and gives them the dirty lowdown: the Skitters know where they are, and there's a good chance they'll attack. He's very tactful in not mentioning Rick's role in this. Tom says that he'd hoped that they could wait until the strike team was back to move, but now that's too risky. He's decided to evacuate the civilians. They'll walk through the tunnel out of the auditorium and, once through, they'll move west away from the city. Maggie points out that if the Skitters are on to them, they'll be crawling all around the area and it won't be easy to get past them. Tom says that's why he's going to stay behind, along with a small group of volunteers. If the aliens attack, the lingerers will draw their fire and maybe leave an opening for the civilians to escape. Jimmy, so often the voice of reason, asks how they're going to hold off the Skitters and Mechs when their best soldiers are with Weaver. Tom knows how it sounds. Like a historical parallel! They're in the territory of the battles of Lexington and Concord, where no one thought a small force of colonists had a chance against the might of the British empire. He quotes Patrick Henry, who said, "The battle is not to the strong alone. It is to the vigilant, the active, and the brave. A small, disciplined militia can not only hold out against a larger force, but drive it back, because what they're fighting for rightfully belongs to them." Yeah, but: aliens. Either because they're standing in a classroom where Tom's lecture holds more weight or because they have no other choice, people seem resigned to the plan.

After a break, Hal and Anthony return from their scouting mission to alert Weaver that the Mechs are moving into position around the Skitter Bay Luxury Condos. They couldn't get close enough to see the other teams, but Anthony says that they could see smoke coming from one of the set points, like some sort of attack had happened. Hal doesn't think the other teams made it. Anthony adds that the way the Mechs are moving, they look ready to laser beam a whole bunch of fools into oblivion. Weaver squints for a moment of thought, and then tells Hal to get his bike and go back to the school while he and the others stay put. Hal is upset and says that he wants to see this through, but Weaver wants him to go back and tell Tom he was right -- the 4th and 5th are gone, and the civilians need to evacuate.

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Falling Skies




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