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Eight Hours

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What's the Frequency, Benneth?

Tom commands everyone not to shoot until he gives the order, and notes that they have 30 rounds of ammunition each. They have to make every shot count. Meanwhile, some asshole comes running down the street yelling, "Meeeech! It's comiiiiiiing!" Yeah, I think everyone can hear the giant echoing footsteps, you tool. Way to draw more attention to the group. Also, what was this guy doing going out for, like, a stroll? The Mech gets closer and Tom reminds everyone not to shoot just yet. Maggie gives Jimmy some gun shooting pointers, which is confusing since that kid is always toting a gun around like he knows how to use it. Maybe it's a different kind of gun? Meanwhile, Scott and Ben fiddle with the radio and Ben notes with surprise that the Mech is still coming. Scott says that the damn things must have changed frequencies. Instead of figuring out what frequency they're using, however, Scott and Ben stand and look out the window. Awesome. Way to chip in.

The Mech finally gets close enough that Tom orders the group to fire. They do, and use like a million bullets. I thought those bullets were magic, like the blender? Also, I thought that Mechs used regular human bullet casings, so why does whatever the Mech is firing seem so much bigger and more effective and prone to causing flames? They're using the same bullets! They finally do take down the Mech after firing a LOT of rounds, and everyone cheers and Scott says to Ben, "I guess those Mech bullets really work, huh?" I thought the whole point was that you didn't need to use 1000 bullets, but what do I know.

And then. As the ground starts to shake, the communal celebration is curtailed. There are about a half-dozen Mechs stomping down the street in unison. Someone on the forums suggested that they do a "Thriller" dance at this moment, which would have been amazing. I somehow suspect that aliens of all sorts are big MJ fans. It might be a way to bridge the two cultures! Tom does a quick check of everyone's ammo supply, and, as you might guess, each person seems to have about two to four rounds left to fire. They. Are. Screwed.

But wait! Scott and Ben fiddle with the radio dial and find a powerful frequency. But the Mechs are still coming. Scott says that the signal might not be strong enough and the generator is maxed out. He wonders if they could find a bigger antenna and Ben suggests the flagpole. They are tapping into the power of American patriotism! Believe it. Scott looks around for some sort of tool that could make this possible, and lands on a set of jumper cables. The Mechs get very close and people are starting to get scared. Maggie instructs Jimmy to stay down until she tells him otherwise, and reminds him of his agreement to watch her back. Dai is there -- I guess his abdominal laceration healed pretty quickly.

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