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Previously on Falling Skies: There were harnessed kids galore! Tom was instructed to go get Ben, but through a series of shenanigans he and his crew wound up with Mike's son, Ricky, instead. Through a related series of shenanigans, the Skitters took Karen and also made Hal watch as they blasted a half-dozen harnessed kids. It was revealed that Dr. Wings left Tom's wife for dead, and Tom got pretty peeved about it. Tom also managed to bring back a live Skitter P.O.W., which appeared to have a connection with the de-harnessed Rick. All this and we learned that Pope has a degree in culinary arts!

We enter with the P.O.W. Skitter being escorted through the 2nd Mass HQ in a brand new cage, and apparently not feeling so positive about his new digs. He waves his tusks around and Crazy Weaver is on hand to tell him that he never was much to look at. Dr. Wings pipes in to say that in fact this Skitter is an exemplary specimen -- the Brad Pitt of the Skitter world. Back on their home planet, I'm sure the Jennifer Aniston of the Skitter world is cackling with satisfaction at his current plight. We learn that Porter has ordered Dr. Wings et al to try to communicate with the captive Skitter -- if they can figure out how it thinks, they can figure out how to beat it. My preferred method would be to show the Skitter a 24-hour loop of The Real Housewives franchise until it comes to the conclusion that it doesn't want anything to do with our sordid planet. Putting it in a room with NeNe Leakes would have the same effect.

Weaver is skeptical about the plan to communicate with the Skitter, but Dr. Wings says that it's possible -- it all depends on what's under the "hood." Dr. Anne Glass sneaks up behind the men, as is her wont, and says that she wouldn't underestimate the Skitters. She points out that the Skitter is studying them as much as they are studying him. I think for the purposes of recapping, it makes sense to give the Skitter a name. Let's go with "Hermie." Dr. Wings says that Skitter vocalizations could extend beyond the range of human hearing, and that for all they know Hermie could be cussing them out right now. I mean, I think that's a given. I also think that teaching Hermie cuss words is the best way to engage him. Isn't that the first thing you do when learning a foreign language?

And then! Tom walks in and assures everyone that Hermie the Skitter is indeed cussing them out. When Hermie sees Tom, he goes crazy. Tom bashes the side of the cage some, just for effect, and then someone gets Hermie with a taser. He calms down a little, and then kind of flares his lip folds at Tom. Tom says, "I remember you too." And that, my friends, is the beginning of what will improbably become a great love story! They'll meet again at the ruins of the Empire State Building. If both of them survive this intergalactic war, their babies are going to be so cute and drippy.

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