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We open with a little cartoon and some syrupy music. Two cartoon flowers kiss, right in front of their baby flowers no less, and then we see the citizens of the Second Mass seated in the gym and cracking up in slow motion like they've never seen anything more hilarious. One kid has his mouth open so far that a Skitter could orally harness him. A cartoon kangaroo starts punching a curtain with boxing gloves, and the slow motion people can't even control themselves, they're laughing so hard. Did the aliens actually blast America back to the 1940s? Is this cartoon going to be followed by a newsreel about how women can work in factories now and a performance of "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy?"

Elsewhere, in non-poignant regular motion, Anne has just told Tom about how harnessed kids become Skitters eventually. They stand over Hermie's slimy carcass together. What a perfect scene for some romantic action! Tom assumed that Ben would be okay when they got him back, because why would having an alien tentacle attached to your back with metal spikes cause any long-term side effects? Anne says that he is healthy, and seems to be adjusting emotionally. And plus, Ben and Rick were harnessed for months longer than the others, so their bodies might just take longer to reject the spikes and such. But that, of course, doesn't explain the patch of rough skin on Ben's back that looks a whole lot like the beginning of a Skitter scale. Tom says that it isn't enough that the Skitters took Ben from him once -- they're still trying. And there is poor innocent Ben, just cracking up at a dumb cartoon from the Pleistocene era. Tom and Anne enter the gym just in time for Ben to turn around and hold Tom's gaze. And lo, the look is pregnant with meaning. What would be awesome is if Ben turned into a Skitter who fought for the resistance! He'd have so many excellent powers! Think outside the box a little, professor.

Weaver calls Tom in for some planning, but before he can go over his attack route ideas, he acts really grouchy about the fact that everyone is having a good time 1940s movie night. He wants the civilians to be extra sharp tomorrow. Dai hasn't yet returned from his trip to see Colonel Porter, but Weaver says he has plenty of time left. Tom wants to run any last-minute changes by the squad leaders tonight, but Weaver says that Lieutenant Danner is already on it. And then we see Lieutenant Danner, who actually is remarkably Nazi-esque. I don't think we've seen him at all before, so I can't say where he came from, but it's clear that he's Weaver's new right-hand man. As Danner leaves, Tom says that if they don't hear from Porter, they have a problem. Weaver is basically like, "Grrrr." Then Tom asks Weaver how he's holding up after their day in Allston. Weaver does NOT want to talk about it. You can't blame him for that, actually. Weaver stomps off to talk some more to his new BFF Herr Doktor Danner.

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Falling Skies




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