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Maggie approaches Pope and says it must be pretty sweet to get put in your place by an eight year old. She points out his double-crossing ways, and asks what his plan is. He calls her "Little Miss Midwife with the heart of gold," and then says that she knows him -- he's just another upstanding member of the grand and glorious Second Massachusetts. It's his duty to both God and country to carry out the attack. He notes that Maggie didn't volunteer for the blitzkrieg, and she says that she doesn't ride with sociopaths. Pope points out that if it weren't for him, she'd be another Mech speck on a wall. But Maggie says that she doesn't forget anything he did -- not a second of it. And she knows what he'll do to "these people" if he gets the chance. Rape them? I wish she would just say what he did, already. Pope is discouraged that Maggie has drunk the Kool Aid, and asks if she really thinks that humankind has a hope in hell of not becoming extinct. Maggie says that she's just along for the ride, but if she finds him crossing the good people of the Second Mass, she's going to show him exactly what he left behind. And she doesn't think he's going to like it. What does that even mean? Pope yells back that it would sure be something to see. I am incredibly confused by this last bit of dialogue. I think ultimately it just means that Maggie = good and Pope = kind of bad.

Tom sees Hal on a motorcycle, and yells to him. Hal says that Tom was right about Weaver, but when you think about it, Weaver was right, too. Hal wants to be a fighter. He knows that Tom has to stay and take care of the civilians, but he has to fight...for mom, Ben, and Karen. He wants to show the aliens that the humans won't back down, so that they might rethink this war. Also, he wants to blow the Skitter Bay Luxury Condos straight to hell. Tom wishes Hal luck, and then they hug, and Hal rides off into the sunset. Weaver appears to leave Tom two cases of Mech bullets, and then Tom salutes Weaver, and Weaver salutes Tom back. And then Ben and Scott show up to tell Tom about the plan with the jamming signals from the radio, and how Ben could hear it. Cue look pregnant with meaning! And then the fighters leave, like a post-apocalyptic Veterans Day parade of classic cars, scooters, and men in camo. Spoiler: If you suspect that this isn't going to go well, you're right.

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