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And then! Dai comes weaving down the sidewalk on his motorcycle and then just basically falls off of his ride and onto the ground. It turns out that he's been hit, and is in a rather nasty state. Anthony runs to get Weaver as exceedingly dramatic music plays. Can you handle the suspense of a man running down a candle-filled high school hallway? What if he forgets his locker combination?!?! What if he's late to his Key Club meeting?!?! Weaver keeps Danner with him and orders Tom to get Anne and meet them in the clinic. And, credits.

When we return, we're in the clinic and Anne tells Weaver and Tom that Dai has a deep abdominal laceration but no internal damage. However, he's unconscious and has lost a lot of blood, so is not out of the woods just yet. Tom asks if Dai gave Weaver his report, and Weaver barks back, "Just take care of him." Evading the question, your honor! After Weaver and Danner leave, Anne notes that Danner is moving up the food chain, and that she's heard he's career military. Tom says that he guesses Weaver wanted someone with hard combat experience to help with the planning, rather than an overeducated self-righteous weenie who's prone to lectures and always asking you about your stupid feelings. The real mystery is why Danner hasn't been more evolved from the outset.

Anne asks what's going on with Weaver, and Tom says, "It's complicated." Is this going to affect their Facebook relationship status, I wonder? Tom finally tells her about how Weaver temporarily lost his mind in Allston. Tom hasn't told anyone else, since Weaver seemed to snap out of it when he got back to the Second Mass and they didn't want to affect morale. Now, however, Tom's not sure that was the right decision. Anne points out that the attack is in two days, and Tom says that the last thing people need is for him to raise doubts. Tom wishes he knew what to do. Meanwhile, Lourdes lurks and eavesdrops. And probably prays silently.

Back at the fighter brief, Weaver tells his people that nothing has changed -- they're going with Porter's original plan. The Fourth and Fifth will bring explosives from their various locales, and the Second Mass will arrive from the west. Tom asks if this means that they've got confirmation from Porter that the Fourth and Fifth are...well, alive. Danner gets all agro with Tom for questioning Herr Weaver, and then Weaver asks for a moment alone with Tom. He gives Tom the business for not respecting his authoritah, but Tom says he's just asking questions that have easy answers. The last he heard, they had lost contact with the Fourth and Fifth. And of course, Tom wasn't there for Dai's report. Weaver says he's satisfied that they can complete the mission, and notes that a combat briefing isn't a debate club. Tom jaws about how he's second in command and needs to be kept in the loop, and Weaver is all squinty and mad.

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