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Weaver calls Jimmy and Danner in, and tells Danner to secure Tom's weapons. This involves pointing a gun in Tom's face, and then making it click at the first sign of resistance. Tom eventually relieves himself of his weapons, and Weaver tells Danner to hold him in the boiler room for the time being. Tom tells Weaver that he's making a mistake, but Weaver feels that his only mistake was not relieving Tom of his duty sooner. Now there's something we all can agree upon. Weaver squints at Tom all the way out of the room. When Jimmy approaches him, Weaver says that he doesn't like it either, but they can't let Professor D-Bag poison the ranks when they're hours away from a major offensive. Weaver wants to know that he can count on Jimmy. Jimmy, meanwhile, just looks sad, and like he wishes he had chosen a more suitable father figure.

Meanwhile, Ben heads to the school office, which is now Uncle Scott's new work space. He's there because he heard a rumor that some library books had been moved, but is goaded into helping Scott since he lost his former assistant to the dubious charms of Mr. Pope. The two of them carry boxes of vacuum tubes, which are needed by the transistor in order to operate. There's some sort of car metaphor involved here, the upshot of which is that Ben has never heard of a Model T. Ben is curious about the transistor radio, and asks if Scott is going to use it to try to contact other people, and if that means the Skitters will also be able to hear them. Scott, of course, has another idea. The Skitters communicate with each other using radio frequencies, and so he thinks that if they find the right frequency, they can jam up the Skitter communications and throw a wrench into their plan to wipe out the human race. Scott starts turning nobs, and asks Ben to crank a radio handle. As he goes through the frequencies, Ben gets a big painful noise in his head. Because he is part Skitter, yo. Scott sees Ben in distress and asks if he's okay, and Ben says that everything is fine. That's good enough for Scott. He asks if Ben heard any sort of squeak, and Ben lies that he did not. Dunh dunh!

After a break, we catch up with Tom, who is pacing in his boiler room prison. Danner looks on as Tom tells him that Weaver has totally lost it and is a threat to everyone. Danner is a man of simple beliefs, and says that when a commanding officer gives you an order, you obey. No wonder Weaver wanted him on board. Tom asks if Danner has seen combat, and Danner says he has in Afghanistan and Iraq. Then Tom points out that everyone else on earth has seen combat, and alien combat at that. Danner says that he's had Tom pegged as the big thinker who always knows best. And he hasn't even heard any of Tom's famous historical parallels! He reminds Danner of a lieutenant that he once had, who got four men killed while he was deciding whether to have powdered sugar or maple syrup on his French toast. Tom gets angry and asks if Danner really thinks that Weaver is fit to lead the mission. Danner replies that he trusts the captain a hell of a lot more than he trusts Tom. So do I, even when Weaver is being a total speed freak!

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Falling Skies




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