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Speaking of Weaver, he goes to see Pope and barks some military-ese at him. Pope responds with an eye roll and a sarcastic, "Sir, yes, sir." Weaver wants him to cut the crap, and also to make four IEDs instead of one. Now Pope is intrigued. He says that he has enough ingredients, but if they split the blasting fuse into four parts, they'll have a very short interval between lighting the bombs and limbs being blown off. He notes that he thought they were only blowing up one leg of the Skitter Bay Luxury Condos. Weaver tells Pope that if he's on board, he shouldn't think, but rather just do what Weaver tells him. You can tell that Pope kind of likes it when someone goes off the deep end, and generally thinks that four bombs are better than one.

Ben gets a moment alone with the transistor radio, and soon Rick appears. He heard the radio frequency as well, and says that at first he thought it was the Skitters coming back. Rick asks what Scott plans to do with the radio, and Ben is stupid enough to actually tell him. Rick, of course, is upset at the idea that if Scott succeeds, the Skitters might not find them. Here's an idea, kid -- just walk out into the street and wave your arms a bunch until a spaceship sees you and beams you up. Okay? God, what a ninny. Ben asks Rick if creeping him out is his new thing. Creeping everyone out is Rick's all-time thing! It's his vocation! He's doing a school-to-work program right now! Rick asks why Ben hasn't told the other humans about him. Great question! Ben says he was just hoping that Rick would get normal again, and realize that they're human too and that the Skitters really jacked them over. Rick doesn't want to be human, and also knows that Ben is scared to tell the others because he can feel a change a-coming. Ben gets a really sad and confused look on his face and asks, "What's happening to us, Rick?" Rick just stares out the window and says he hopes the Skitters come soon. Rick is like the worst person to go through an identity crisis with.

As Hal and Maggie come zooming back on their motorcycles, Pope yells, "Hey, Maggie! How was the prom?" I really don't like when he's a dick to her. It makes me feel guilty for enjoying his amusing moments. Maggie yells back that they got bad news, though it should make a Skitter-killing degenerate like himself happy. Hal reports to Weaver that they've seen fresh signs of Skitters and Mechs all down Routes 119 and 2. Weaver says that they'll just have to punch through. Maggie points out that a convoy is an easy target, especially on the open road, and Weaver says that in that case, they'll take the back roads or crawl through the bush. Um, wouldn't the aliens still be able to see them from their spaceships? I mean, I don't even know anymore. Hal stomps off to find Tom, and is stopped by Jimmy en route. Jimmy is going to tattle on his crazy Uncle Weaver! That actually happens off camera, like so many things in this episode.

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Falling Skies




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