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Weaver finds Danner tied up and is super PO'ed, and also shocked that Jimmy was involved. He tells Danner to keep this quiet from the civilians, and also to find four men that they can trust. Then they'll find Mason. Meanwhile, two fighters run by Uncle Scott in the hallway, just to give him the chance to say, "I guess somebody's got their panties in a twist." Best line of dialogue of the episode! So fresh! Scott finds Ben in his office, and says he's glad to have the company. But Ben has something specific on his mind. He asks if Scott can keep a secret, since they're friends and all. Then, Ben asks Scott to start going through the frequencies on the radio. He crouches in pain when they hit the Skitter frequencies, and Scott asks him what's going on. A tearful Ben says, "I don't know what I am." He's coming out to Uncle Scott! What a tender moment.

Tom runs into Pope's bullet-making lab and is none too happy to find Matt there. Matt squeaks as he is escorted out, and Mason says that he'd be doing a lot better if Pope stayed the hell away from his kids. Pope assumes, based on the fact that Tom is carrying a giant weapon and running around like a crazy person closing all the doors, that he's here about more than a domestic issue. Tom repeats the info that Porter's dead, the other regiments are gone, and Weaver still intends to carry out the attack on the Skitter Bay Luxury Condos. Pope conveys the info that Weaver asked him to split the bomb into four. Tom says that Pope put the bombs together, and he can take them apart. Pope asks why the hell he'd do that. While pointing a gun at Pope's head, Tom says that he'd say for the sake of the Second Mass, but he doubts that that would mean anything to Pope. That is not a good example of catching more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. Under the threat of a bullet through his shiny mane, Pope agrees, and says that all Tom has to do now is survive long enough to convince the rest of the yahoos out there that he's right. However, Tom says that all he has to do is convince Weaver. I think the real problem here is that nobody has a good plan.

After a break, Weaver goes to see Anne in the ER and asks where Tom is. Anne approaches him and says that she knows what he's been going through, and that she'd be a lot more comfortable if he put his weapon down. Just then, an armed Hal and Maggie pop up in the back of the room. Weaver starts to point his weapon at them, but then Tom appears at Weaver's side. He was, I shit you not, hiding behind a curtain. Well, now it would seem that Weaver's trapped. Tom says that he's an optimist, and is hoping that Weaver will still listen to reason. He asks for the real plan, and Weaver starts talking about the Fourth and Fifth, and Tom is like, "Duh, I know that's a lie, everyone is dead." Weaver says that that's not the way he heard it. What an interesting comeback. Potato / po-tah-to, I guess. He says the mission is still confirmed unless they know FOR SURE that the Fourth and Fifth are gone. He adds that the aliens have to know that they're not going to lie down. Tom says that he wants to fight too, but this has to be done the right way, with all cards on the table and with a commanding officer that isn't a psychotic pillhead. Weaver asks how far he's going to go with this, and Tom says that he had Pope dismantle the bombs. And if Weaver doesn't listen to reason, Tom is going to relieve him of his command.

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Falling Skies




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