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Previously on Falling Skies: So much shit went down, I can't possibly collapse it into one pithy sentence. Check out the highly detailed recap for specifics.

We enter on harnessed kids, including Tom's son Ben, walking zombie-like with the dirtiest faces (my GOD Skitter captors, give these kids access to some basic hygiene here!) beside and on top of what appears to be an abandoned warehouse or factory. There are huge piles of scrap metal on the ground, and copper wire, metal coils and the like on the roof. The zombie kids are gathering it and piling it up with their signature glazed look, tentacle harnesses poking out of their shirts all the while. Tom & Co. are on a rooftop across the way, checking out the action with binoculars. Hal and Tom agree that the kids are scavenging scrap metal, and we see a Skitter skittering about on the ground and checking out the haul. Maggie speaks for all of us when she says, "They came here in spaceships and turned kids into slaves just to collect old toasters and copper wire?" Lame, Skitters. Really lame. As they continue to gaze upon the Skitter and Mech below, Tom says that there must be a reason for it. If they need metal so badly, why don't they just melt down the Mechs? How sad to know that even on other planets the entire budget goes straight to the military. The Skitter HammerHead Start programs are really suffering, I bet.

Anthony asks how many kids they should prepare to grab and Tom says that they're going to get as many as they can. They diddle around with their weapons and look more closely at what they're up against. There are two Mechs patrolling the front of the building and one in the back, as well as two Skitters -- one outside and one inside. Tom says, "Six of us, five of them. I like those odds." When you're going up against one creature that has six legs and tusks and another that can blow your head from your torso with a giant laser pointer, I don't think you should ever like your odds. Anthony points out that they're low on ammo and supplies and are also really tired and will only get one shot at this. The kids are going to be in this location tomorrow and the day after that, he says (apparently he's a soldier and ALSO a soothsayer!), noting that they've already lost Click. Tom is all, "That's my son over there," and while they're discussing it, Karen peeks over the side of the roof and accidentally pushes a loose brick, which goes careening to the ground, right near a Mech. It starts shooting at them and they retreat, with Tom promising Hal that they'll come back later. FYI, Tom is like zero for a million in his missions, and it's only the second episode. Not that I would do much better being second-in-command of a post-apocalyptic human resistance, I guess.

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