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Ninny and the Professor

Meanwhile, it turns out that Pope makes a pretty good soup. People are subdued in their praise, however, since it's hard to know how complimentary to be to a degenerate psycho cum overqualified lunch lady. The minions of Rachel Ray go through this daily. Weaver says that Pope might be of some use after all, and that he'll get a week-long trial as chef. Pope wonders if this means he doesn't have to be locked up anymore and Weaver, in a particularly flawless line delivery, says, "It does not. Lock him up." As he's being carted off, Pope yells that Weaver won't regret it. Weaver replies that he already regrets it, which again is exactly the right instinct.

Tom visits the operating room and finds Rick and a sleeping Anne. When he wakes her, Anne tells him that Rick is stable and that the procedure seems to have worked. Rick looks like he's okay. Mike, who is also in the room, says that he's praying. He leaves and Dr. Anne tends to Tom's wounds. She hasn't yet heard about his latest misadventure, but soon learns that Karen has been captured. Anne asks how Hal is taking it and, in a blatant bit of transference, Tom tears up as he says that Hal blames himself. Tom seems agitated as he says that now they know how to take the harnesses off without killing kids and double checks with Anne that Dr. Wings knows what he's doing. She's a little hesitant as she says that he's great. That seems like a bit of an overstatement. Maybe, "Despite his douchey nature, he sure knows how to wield a blow torch on tissue-spikes," would be more accurate.

Tom goes to see Dr. Wings, who is gazing upon the captive Skitter as he drinks scotch. He tells Tom that Porter wants him to stick around a while longer and make a fuller study of their "conquerors." Tom is PO'ed about this particular terminology and also just looking for a reason to get into it with Dr. Wings. He says that they're not conquered unless they give up. As the Skitter stirs, Dr. Wings says that he has too much respect for Tom's intelligence to take that little display of human vanity seriously. And then, in a little display of asshole vanity, Dr. Wings says that there are people who actually believe that surviving the first wave of the invasion proves that they're the best of mankind. He doesn't agree, and says that those people who ran away and found the deepest holes to hide in are survivors. Oh, gurrrrl, you should not have said that!

Dr. Wings is making a point out of the fact that hiding in a hole isn't ennobling, but Tom has latched on to the subtext here. He asks, "Is that how you survived? Running away? Hiding?" And then the whole thing becomes like a lawyer show, with Professor Tom doing some serious cross-examination. He says that the morning of the attack, when Dr. Wings and Rebecca got caught outside, Dr. Wings ran and hid, abandoning her to save himself. Dr. Wings is all, "Oh, erm, gosh, well, cough." He says that he already told Tom that Rebecca wasn't with him when the attack started, but Tom isn't buying it. He says that when he found Rebecca she was still holding on to the duffle bag full of provisions that they'd collected and it was much too heavy for her to carry by herself. And that's how Tom knows that Dr. Wings was with her when the attacks started. Frankly, I think it's her own dumb-ass fault for not dropping the bag and finding a good hole.

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