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In any case, as of now, the entire resistance is in a full-court press to gather intelligence on the enemy -- their plans, tactics, weapons, and technology. Maybe someone could also find out why they're so slimy all the time. Since the 2nd Mass now has a secure base, Porter also wants them to start collecting war material such as motorcycles, weapons, explosives, and camo gear. He says that this is so they can support a growing insurgency, but really it's so they can look bad-ass while fighting the good post-apocalyptic fight. Weaver orders his people to break down into search and requisition teams of four to six fighters -- he'll deliver their assignments tomorrow.

As everyone is leaving, Porter and Weaver talk to Tom. Porter has heard about the harnessed kid sighting. Tom shares that at night the Skitters have the kids at a hospital on Route 9, and by day they're scavenging scrap metal. This is consistent with other reports that Porter has heard about kids being used as slave labor. He says that their science team is still struggling with the harness thing -- they were able to remove harnesses from three kids, but they died a few hours later. The chief surgeon thinks that he's figured out the problem, but in order to test the theory he needs a kid. You and Tom both know who they want that kid to be. Tom for sure needs a hot meal and a good night's sleep and should not be making this decision right now! Porter gives him the option to say no, but I don't think he really means it. Tom says that he can't go back and rescue just one kid -- he has to rescue them all. Porter promises that they'll go back and then Crazy Weaver pipes in to be all, "Grrr, damn civilian kids!" He thinks that the priority has to be on winning the war and not saving people, pointing out quite rightly that if they save a couple of dozen kids but lose the war, they'll be no better off than they were in the harness. Tom says that they'll die free, but Weaver is not swayed. He thinks it's a waste of time and resources, but acknowledges that it's not his call. It's Porter's and he wants them to grab Ben only.

Weaver leaves and Tom asks Porter if he's okay. Porter says that he was due to retire when all this happened and had nothing to look forward to but golf, travel and a stack of spy novels on his nightstand. I can't quite tell if he's being sarcastic or if he's one of those crazy people who actually want to work themselves into a grave and are convinced that they'll have no idea what to do when they retire. To those people, I say: I'll trade ya! Recapping Falling Skies takes roughly a million hours a week, so you won't have to be bothered with all that pesky "free time." Porter tells Tom to go out there and get Ben, but dammit be careful.

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