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Ninny and the Professor

When we return, we do not learn, as I had hoped, that Professor Tom and Dr. Wings were secret gay lovers. In fact, Dr. Wings and Tom's wife, Rebecca, were together on the day of the attacks. And not as secret straight lovers, as I had hoped. Dr. Wings explains to Tom that he and Rebecca foraged for a few hours and then it looked like rain, so they both figured it would be more efficient to split up. There hadn't been an attack for a while. Sadly, that streak ended just at that inconvenient moment. Alien airships started pounding the area and Dr. Wings says that he tried to get to her, he really did, and got a big arm wound in the process. Then the second wave of the attack started and he hid in a collapsed house, where he passed out until a group of fighters found him the next day and he became the medical officer for the resistance. This whole time Tom is looking like he wants to clock Dr. Wings but good. Dr. Wings says he can't tell Tom how sorry he is, and Tom just nods looking like he now wants to punch Dr. Wings right in the throat, with a rebound to the balls, and walks away with a curt, "Thanks for telling me." Maybe Dr. Wings and Rebecca were indeed heterosexual lovers, but it was not so secret! Not that the slimy aliens and automatic weapons aren't fun and all, but if this show added a dash of Knots Landing it could really be exceptional.

Dr. Wings asked what happened to Tom's boys and learns that Ben is harnessed and that there is plan to rescue him that very night. But Tom doesn't want to make depressing-slash-hopeful small talk. He points out that when they found Rebecca, they went to look for Dr. Wings, but there were Skitter patrols everywhere. Dr. Wings says, "You don't owe me an apology." Tom was, in fact, totally not apologizing, but rather pointing out some way in which Dr. Wings is sketchy and his story doesn't add up. Dr. Wings is not eager to pick up that line of conversation, however, and tells Tom to bring Ben to him -- he couldn't save Rebecca, but maybe he can bring back Tom's boy. How awkward to have the sketchy arch nemesis who left your wife to die and was maybe boning her be the only person to operate on your mind controlled zombie son! TNT really does know drama.

Suddenly it is night and Tom & Co. are setting out on their mission to save Ben. Tom pauses to look at the bulletin board filled with missing kid photos and a sign that reads, "Save our babies!" The person who wrote that should be harnessed and forced to scavenge the worst sort of scrap metal -- like binder clips. Our heroes head on their way. But wait, it's totally daylight where the harnessed kids are collecting scrap metal. I guess the school is just really dark? I'm sure it was a public school with substandard facilities and grimy windows. That's probably where they got the chicken, which lasted six months without rotting because it's made entirely of chemicals. Thanks, Sodexo! Anyway, the zombie children have done a really great job collecting scrap metal! No wonder the Skitters wanted them -- they're good little workers, despite moving so slow. A Skitter overseer skits by an old car and into the abandoned building, and from behind a pile of rubble Tom is thankful that they didn't spy the explosives in the car. Mike is with Tom, while Dai waits in the getaway truck in a nearby driveway. A Mech stomps by an open doorway where Hal and Karen are crouching with guns, but it doesn't see them.

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