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Tom asks Mike what he was thinking. Mike apologizes, but says that this zombie-ass fuck in his arms is the only family he's got left. It's a sad state of affairs, really. Tom then asks where the rest of the weapons are, and Dai says that he had to leave them in the truck. I still don't understand why they left the truck, and where they are now. Anybody? This is my fourth time watching this episode, and it's still a mystery to me. Then again, many of my brain cells are compromised due to my television priorities having historically been heavily focused on the Real Housewives franchise. Dai offers Tom a sawed-off shotgun, rope and flashlight, and tells him to be careful. Way to step up, Dai!

Tom heads down a dark hallway, wielding his flashlight. Suddenly there's a really disturbing dripping noise, and Tom asks who's there. People, don't tell me that you wouldn't make certain assumptions about the origins of a slimy dripping sound in this particular context. Tom shines the flashlight in his own eyes before it lands on, you guessed it, a Skitter. It's a mean one, too! The Skitter skitters on the ceiling like it's in Inception, and there are fisticuffs. Tom is knocked to the ground and the Skitter jumps on top of him and is TOTALLY going to ass-rape him! It's a kinky Skitter, so it chokes and punches him at the same time. Tom is not down with this at all though, because while he may have experimented in grad school, this is a whole different thing. He scootches back, grabs his gun and then blows off a Skitter leg, just like Pope told him to do. Tom blows off another leg and the Skitter is down. It would seem reasonable to shoot the Skitter in the head at this point, but Tom decides instead to beat the fuck out of it with the gun handle. That's one way to get out your aggression toward your would-be rapist, I guess.

Back at Camp 2nd Mass, Anthony runs up to Weaver and Porter, who are conveniently together, and tells them that Dai and Mike are back with a harnessed kid who isn't Ben. While they discuss the Rick situation, Weaver goes to check out what the ruckus in the hallway is all about. He is greeted by the sight of Tom pulling a hog-tied and unconscious, but still living, Skitter down the hallway. The other humans in the building look appropriately awed and grossed out as Tom tells Weaver that he's brought him a prisoner of war. Weaver asks if Tom beat this thing himself and how. Tom repeats the show's mantra, "You've just gotta get close enough." Tom, to be honest, looks a little worse for the wear. I would recommend a hot bath and a healing glass of pinot noir, but he has other ideas. He asks Weaver if he can trade his sawed-off shotgun for an automatic, because he now has to go and save Ben, Hal and Karen. Weaver gives him Anthony's weapon, and also offers two fighters. Tom, however, thinks it's safer if he goes this alone. Weaver is begrudgingly impressed, and also a little grossed out, and also maybe now has some mild sexual feelings for Tom. Post-apocalyptic war is a confusing time.

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Falling Skies




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