Falling Skies
Sactuary, Part 1

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We open with Dr. Anne Glass tending to a young boy named Eli, who has a Blue Hills Ski Area patch on his bag. Hey, I've been there! Not to ski, though. Two words: Sonny Bono. Anyway, Eli opens up and says "Ahhhh" as his parents hover. Anne asks when Eli started to feel bad, and Eli shrugs his shoulders. His dad pipes in and says that it's been a couple of days, and that Eli hasn't been eating or sleeping. Anne is all, "Who really is eating or sleeping all that well?" but in a nice, pediatric way. Lourdes is in the room, but soon heads out to get batteries for a lantern on the fritz. Uncle Scott has the batteries as well as a stash of candy, and Eli requests Gummi Bears.

Eli's mom scurries after Lourdes and shuts the door behind her, even though Anne tells her that's not necessary. Anne starts giving her diagnosis -- which basically is that Eli is totally fine -- but is interrupted when she turns around to find a gun pointing at her. At the end of that gun is a hand belonging to Eli's dad. That's so whack! He tells Anne to shut up and then tosses a bag to her, which she is supposed to load with antibiotics, painkillers, and anything else she's got. Anne tells him no, because it took months to get that stuff and people are depending on it. But Eli's dad isn't there to argue. He shoves her around a bit and tells her to hurry up, not finding solidarity in the fact that they are both wearing dirty flannel shirts.

Anne asks why he's doing this, and Eli's dad says that a Skitter killed a man in the very room where he's robbing her. This psycho's got a point. He also thinks it's weird that there are kids walking around with spikes in their back and everyone is pretending its normal. And, if you're judging by Rick, he's got another point. Round one to Eli's dad. He basically says that they're fucked if they stay with the 2nd Mass, and then yells at Anne to hurry up. She points out that he could leave anytime he wants, and no one's going to stop him. In fact, they'll be grateful for his share of soggy oatmeal. Eli's dad says that it's the Wild West out there, and if they get into trouble they're going to need something to trade. And now I have both The Escape Club's and Kool Moe Dee's versions of "Wild Wild West" permanently stuck in my brain. Before I can decide which song is superior (and really, why choose?), Anne starts to hand the bag full of pharmaceuticals over to Eli's dad, but surprise! She chucks a tray full of stuff at him and starts to run. Despite having the frame of a weakling, Eli's dad is surprisingly swift and intercepts her. He is also not afraid to hit a woman. His wife tells him that this is enough, and that he shouldn't hurt Anne. He grabs the bag of drugs, tells Anne he's sorry, and the whole family runs out the door. Anne wishes she was headin' for the 90s as we cut to the opening credits.

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Falling Skies




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