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Matt asks Ben what it was like living with the Skitters. I imagine like an episode of The Partridge Family, but they're a band of scrap metal collectors instead of a musical act, and the part of Reuben Kincaid is played by a Mech. Skitters CAN feel your heartbeat, when you didn't even say a word. And I must digress for a moment to note that holy balls, did I love The Patridge Family. Because my name is Tracie, I used to imagine that I was in fact Tracy Partridge, who in retrospect was the original harnessed zombie kid. Bang that tambourine with blank-eyed precision until the scrap metal falls off of it, little one! And now I have discovered that all four seasons of The Partridge Family are available on Netflix. If that shit were available for streaming, rest assured that this recap would end here.

Okay, where was I? Oh yes, I was going to point you in the direction not of Albuquerque, but of this priceless performance of the (for real, seriously) rockin' hit "Bandala," which features a Black Panthers horn section. And what the fuck is this Clockwork Orange shit? It's no wonder I turned out the way I did, man. I had Partridge Family trading cards, is all I'm saying. I actually think I still have them somewhere. And I watched this shit in reruns!

Okay, anyway, the show I'm actually getting paid to write about. Matt asks Ben what it was like living with the Skitters, and if they talked to him. Ben says that when you're harnessed, you don't exactly have your own thoughts, or at least you're not thinking like you normally do. Because you're on morphine, duh! It's more like someone is thinking with you. Hal's eyes pop open and he listens with some trepidation as Ben recalls the time when they went camping with their dad, and Matt was hungry and thirsty and his stomach hurt. In other words, when Matt was ruining the trip like usual. Ben tells Matt to imagine that Tom knew everything he wanted, before he even asked for it. I'm sure it wouldn't have done any good, because instead of actually giving him what he wanted, Tom would have brought up a historical parallel about how Attila the Hun wanted something but didn't get it, or whatever. Matt asks Ben if he was scared. Ben says that when he was first caught, he had never been more afraid in his life. But then the drugs kicked in and it was kind of cool. Matt asks if Ben missed them, and Ben says he doesn't know. In some bizarro alien way, he says, it seemed like the Skitters cared about them. They weren't monsters, they were family. Though it sounds weird, sometimes Ben still misses them. Matt's mind is totally blown right now, and Hal is wondering if eventually he's going to have to shoot his own brother.

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