Falling Skies
Sactuary, Part 1

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After a break, Jimmy heads out to hang with Parker on an abandoned school bus. To paraphrase Aerosmith, Jimmy's got a gun. And what better place to wave it around then in this menacing setting! Jimmy notes that the atmosphere is super creepy, and Parker says that's the feeling of Skitters coming their way. That's the post-apocalyptic version of, "Pull my finger." Jimmy tries to make a comeback, but saves his real stores of machismo for a chess game with Parker, in which he threatens checkmate in three. As Parker goes to make his move, there is stomping and shaking. That can only mean one thing: a Mech! It comes straight for the bus and starts shooting its big laser pointer. Tom and all the parents can hear the shooting from inside the school, and the pain in the ass guy freaks out and yells, "They're heeeeeeeeere!" I wish that guy would stifle for a minute or two. Tom orders everyone to stay inside unless they get the order to move, and heads out with some fighters.

We return to the school bus, which is now more fog-filled than ever. The chess board is covered with broken glass and blood, and Parker is dead. Jimmy is crouched by his body, and increasingly terrified. And he should be! A big light shines in the window, and the bus starts rocking, and then a Mech claw starts tearing away the side of the bus. Just as Jimmy is about to bite it, the Mech is distracted by gunfire aimed its way. It's two fighters perched on top of the bus. Jimmy takes advantage of the shoot-out and escapes through the back of the bus. Inside, Weaver, who realizes that the shooting is coming from Jimmy's post, joins up with Tom, and they run toward the action.

But! Jimmy has made it inside the school building, but he's apparently in a wing that no one inhabits. He screams that there is a Mech, but there is no reply. He stands in a stairwell to catch his breath, and from behind we see the shadow of a big, creepy crawly thing. Oh shit, man. Jimmy tries to get through a set of doors and enter a part of the building where there actually might be people, but they are secured with a big chain. Still, because he's a small fry, he manages to squeeze his way through the tiny opening. And then! A Skitter hand reaches through the door and grabs him around the neck. Despite having only three fingers, those bastards have a firm grip.

Tom, Weaver, Mike and Clayton finally make it to the bus, only to discover that Jimmy's not there. Back inside, Jimmy shows the pluck of Huck as he pulls out a gun, points it behind his head, and shoots at the Skitter. The Skitter rears back for a minute and lets go of Jimmy's neck, but still has a firm grasp of his foot. Back outside, the Mech retreats and as the gunfire ceases Tom and Weaver finally hear Jimmy's cries for help. They head inside and split up, while Jimmy tries to evade the Skitter and reload his gun. Somehow, Jimmy ends up chucking a globe at the Skitter. (You know, a globe of the Earth.) The Skitter holds it in its claw and studies it for a minute, looks at Jimmy and hisses, and then crushes it. Okay, we got it. Jimmy tries to shoot, but his gun is out of bullets. He chucks it at the Skitter, and then there is a blast. Weaver has shot the Skitter from behind! It lies in a big, slimy, leggy puddle on the floor. Jimmy, meanwhile, is in some major shock. He hugs Weaver, who is first taken aback, but whose heart then grows ten sizes as he tells Jimmy it's going to be all right.

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Falling Skies




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