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Sactuary, Part 1

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Buying the Farm

After a break, Jimmy tells his tale rapid-fire to Weaver and Anne, who's tending to his bumps and bruises. Tom and Clayton enter, and tell Weaver that there have been no more sightings of Skitters or patrol ships yet. Weaver knows they dodged a bullet, at least long enough for the 3rd Mass to get to them. Clayton says that this is exactly how things went down with the 7th Mass, and that they've got about as long as it takes the Skitters to figure out their soldier isn't coming back before a whole gang of aliens comes their way. Weaver says that, since the Skitter attack isn't theoretical anymore, they need to reconsider sending the kids to the farm. Tom knows, and rather looks like he's coming around to the plan.

Meanwhile, in the mess hall, Ben is peacefully trying to get a granola bar when some dickhead harasses him. The dickhead goes, "I'm not standing in line with this razorback. The ones like him are the reason the Skitters are coming." Did he really just call Ben a razorback? That's worse than Muggle, dude. Maggie sees this action from across the gym and heads over to prevent Ben from getting an ass-kicking. Hal accompanies her, and gives the guy a hearty shove. The guy says he doesn't have a problem, but he's not a fan of the whole "bringing harnessed kids back to the 2nd Mass" thing. He says it's just inviting a Skitter attack. Hal counters that they're going to rescue as many kids as they can, and notes that anybody who messes with his family gets their asses kicked by Hal personally. The guy is super-smirky, but also backs down. Ben walks away while Maggie looks concerned.

Ben goes to see Tom, who's hanging out alone in a classroom. He's looking for a necklace that belonged to Ben's mom, to make sure it doesn't get lost in the move. Ben tells Tom that he wants to go with Clayton to the farm. He knows that the 2nd Mass has to be ready to fight if the Skitters come, and they can't do that with kids around. As it happens, Ben really IS related to Tom and so has been thinking of a historical parallel -- World War II during the blitz. The English sent their kids to the country to keep them safe while Germans bombed the heck out of London. Tom, in a radical move when it comes to his view of historical parallels, isn't sure that this is the same thing. Ben points out that nothing is. They're in a post-apocalyptic alien war, which is a bit of a different context. Tom wants to ask Ben a question, and wants him to respond truthfully. He asks if Ben is happy that he's back. Ben says that of course he is, and asks Tom if he's glad that he found him. Tom, always a fan of a really cheesy line, says, "More than you'll ever know." Ben replies, "Then let's do this for you." What does that even mean?

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