Falling Skies
Sanctuary, Part II

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We open with Jimmy running and breathing heavy in slow-motion. Something is in hot pursuit. Is it a Skitter? A Mech? A creepily lurking Ricky? Nay, it is, in fact, a dozen other kids chasing a soccer ball. Yes, it's field day on Doom Farm, and everyone is having a grand time. The security detail stands guard as Hal runs into yet another teenage girl who's hot on his jock. She smiles dopily, because Hal's pheromones are like the equivalent of a Barry White extended remix. Rick sits off to the side, of course, because his favorite team sport is scrap metal collecting. Jimmy has the ball, but though he sees that Ben is open he opts to try to take a shot himself. He fails, and then the girl who is on Hal's jock takes the ball in for a goal for the other team. She does all that in fashionable boots, with her hair down. And I have to take a moment to say that in real life post-apocalyptic scenario you would see a lot more ponytails than you do on this show.

The Second Mass soccer team regroups, giving Jimmy a few additional moments to look askance at Ben. As Hal tells his team that they can make a comeback, the girl on his jock -- whose name is Tessa -- says that with a score of Sanctuary eight, and Second Mass zero, they have their work cut out for them. As Hal tells Tessa that the Second Mass doesn't give up, Lourdes busts through to take the ball and stop this ungodly flirting. Meanwhile, Ben tries to exchange a few words with Jimmy, who tells him to stay away. Poor Ben. And then we see Clayton preparing to take the Second Mass fighter escorts back to the main road. They're heading back to the school, since the Second Mass will need all additional humans who can fire a gun in the event of a Skitter attack. Matt wonders when Tom will join them, and Hal says that it will be a couple of days max until the Third Mass gets to them. What he doesn't know is that in fact, the Third Mass will arrive on the twelfth of never, because their exodus is all part of Clayton's lying lies. Matt looks forlorn, yet still adorably moppet-esque.

Tessa's dad calls her over, because he's noticed that she fancies Hal. I just said, "fancies," like I'm recapping Leave It to Beaver. But the Cleavers never dealt with the dastardly shit that is going down on this farm of human sacrifice. Tessa's dad tells her, "You know why they're here. Just... don't like him too much." Everybody's in on it! That's so fucked up!

Back at Camp Second Mass, Weaver is barking out strategy notes in preparation for the exodus after the Third Mass gets there. He notes that they'll have to move fast and Maggie, who is standing beside an 11-months pregnant Sarah, says that some folks will be able to move faster than others. Weaver asks if Sarah has an ETA for the baby, and she tells him that she was due two days ago. If I were that baby, I wouldn't want to come out either. Weaver suggests that she wait until after they've reached their next destination to give birth. She'll get right on that, I'm sure. Sara asks if Weaver has any children, and he says that he has two daughters. She looks sad, which means she must have figured out that they're probably dead. Maggie sends Sarah to the food line, and once she's gone, Weaver tells Maggie that if the attack does happen, Sarah will have to keep up.

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