Falling Skies
Sanctuary, Part II

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Farm Aid

Clayton leads Tom and the kids back to the farm, as Tessa's dad notes that they took a big hit. Clayton says that it was worth it, because fresh zucchini from the vegetable garden is worth any cost. Matt and Hal are concerned about what's going to happen to Tom, who frankly looks a little nervous himself. Clayton orders all the kids into the stable, and of course fucking Matt freaks out and starts yelling that he's not going. Tom starts walking toward him and is stopped by a man with a gun. But then! The gunman is shot... by Weaver! It turns out that a whole cadre of Second Mass fighters are there, and not being judicious with the bullets. One of the Doom Farm guys turns on Weaver with his weapon and gets shot right in the gut. Weaver wants to know who's next and, upon seeing that they are outnumbered, Clayton and his gang remove their weapons. One thing you can say about Weaver is that when faced with empirical evidence, he does move decisively.

Clayton approaches Weaver and tries to play some sort of friendship card, asking, "What about me? Are you going to shoot me, too?" If there's any justice in the world, he is going to shoot you most of all, asshole. Clayton then turns to Tom, who is also armed, and asks what the next step in his plan is. Because he's an idiot, Clayton then pulls a gun out of his ear, like a post-apocalyptic magician, and points it in either Tom's or Weaver's direction. And then Tom just shoots him without any further ado. Bravo, sir. Humans are doing a really fine job of thinning out the population on their own, eh?

Hal asks Tom if he knew the heroes of the Second Mass were waiting at the farm. Tom says, "I hoped." Wow, that was a bit of a gamble, was it not? He approaches Weaver and says he wasn't sure if he'd show up. Weaver says he almost didn't, and then Ben comes running out. He came with the cavalry instead of just sending them, and apparently also convinced Weaver that Clayton was a bad, bad man. Then there's the matter of what to do with the remaining Farm of Doom tenants. Weaver says that their weapons will be taken, and adds that he can't see taking these folks back to the Second Mass. Sorry, Tessa, but Hal's jock will no longer be yours to hump. Good luck surviving in the wilderness! Weaver tells the farm people that they can go or they can stay -- he doesn't really give a damn. But if he finds that they've been dealing with the Skitters again, he'll kill them all. He is not even playing. Jimmy, meanwhile, hands Ben a soccer ball of reconciliation and thanks him for saving their asses. Tom looks upon this soon, relieved that his son isn't a weirdo like Rick.

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Falling Skies




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