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Sanctuary, Part II

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Meanwhile, Sarah has had her baby, and named her Charlotte. And hey! Pope is in the recovery room, and is not so excited to have to deal with all the baby wailing. At breast feeding time, Maggie pulls the curtain between the two patients with a pointed, "Show's over, creep," to Pope. Anne tells Tom that Weaver did most of the work with the whole breach situation, and after that it was just your average baby delivery in a high school chem lab. Is that something that's happened on Teen Mom? Thankfully, Sarah's baby is not half-Skitter or anything dastardly. Though actually that would have been kind of a great twist. The baby's fine... but she has six legs! Anne also reports that Pope will limp, but he'll live. Tom isn't sure whether to be happy about that news or not. He tells Pope that he could have kept running, and Pope says that he probably should have and probably still will, given half the chance. But only after he gets out of that preppy rugby shirt they've stuck him in. Tom says that until he does run, the kitchen is shorthanded. Pope is back where he started, and Tom thinks he should consider himself lucky.

And then there's a funeral for Mike. Hal gives the first eulogy, noting how much Mike loved Rick, and how he decided to stand his ground and fight for the kids rather than run and save himself. He was a good man, and everyone will miss him. Maggie grabs Hal's hand, but we don't have too much time to ruminate upon this before Tom gives a second eulogy. He says that if this were a proper military funeral, they'd have somebody playing taps, which (historical knowledge alert!) is a bugler's song from the Civil War, used to signify the end of a day's work. In a way, he says, it's a lullaby to tell soldiers that all is well and that it was safe to rest. He wants Mike to rest easy.

The flag is folded and then fucking Lourdes sings her favorite hymn. Way to ruin the funeral. Weaver turns to Tom and says that Clayton told his Skitter friends that he'd secured the Second Mass kids, which should buy them a few days. I thought the trade was supposed to happen tonight? Tom, who can't resist an "I told you so," says that they never should have let the kids go. Weaver points out that it was the best option given what they knew, and Tom replies that next time he'll trust his instincts. I mean, ultimately he was the one who gave the go ahead. Shut up, Tom.

Rick is given the folded flag, and then says to Ben that he doesn't understand how people could kill each other. Ben responds with a solemn, "Sorry about your dad." But Rick, in fact, isn't sorry about his dad. He says, "Why? Killing is in their nature." Ben is all, "Who is they, motherfucker?" And Rick says, "Humans. WE would never kill one of our own." He gives Ben a creepazoid look and then says, "You should understand that." Poor Ben just proved his worth to the human race and now has to wonder if he's actually an alien all over again! This kid can't catch a break.

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Falling Skies




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