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Farm Aid
Maggie says not to worry about her, and that they'll do what they have to do. Maggie plays off her kindness toward Sarah by saying that if you get in the chow line with a pregnant lady, you can get seconds with no one stabbing you.

Back at the farm, Hal and Tessa flirt like East Coast liberals, which is to say that she brags about how amazing the zucchini from their garden is. They do, in fact, seem to have an impressive bounty of vegetables, fertilized by everything that comes out of Clayton's mouth, and also some Skitter slime. Mike asks Clayton if there were any problems taking the Second Mass escorts back to the road, and Clayton says that no, they're on their way. He didn't see any sign of Skitters and so made a detour by an apple orchard. I'm sure that even in the post-apocalyptic context, someone is charging like $30 for that shit. Pick your own fruit is the biggest ripoff. One time I was literally shoving blueberries in my pants to try to get my money's worth. Okay, maybe not literally.

Mike, with a bit of an edge, says, "Pretty nice setup, Terry. You're settling in." Terry seems slightly offended at the notion that they're getting complacent, and Mike says that he's just used to packing light. Clayton reiterates how secluded they are, failing to mention that they're not secluded enough to avoid biweekly Skitter visitors to whom they are sacrificing children. Tessa's dad tries some of Tessa's soup and then talks about how amazing she is. I think it's just the overall creepy vibe of the place that makes these two seem especially loving, if you get my drift. Also, Tessa is like 47 in real life.

Tessa's dad offers to help Clayton with the "generator," which is code for paying a visit to prisoner Pope. As they enter, Pope says, "I smell asparagus. Which means you're boiling it. Which means you're ruining it." Pope is never more enjoyable than when he's waving his culinary arts certificate around. Clayton, however, does not care about his credentials. He thanks Pope again for the info on the Second Mass, and Pope points out that his confession wasn't exactly voluntary. Clayton tells him it doesn't have to be this way, but Pope, despite his somewhat morally-compromised nature, is not interested in joining forces with the kid traders. He says that Clayton must have done a hell of a Tony Robbins to get the Second Mass folks to hand over their kids. Clayton points out that he served with those people. Weaver's always been by the books, and so was easily swayed by "orders" from Colonel Porter. Tom, of course, would do anything to protect his boys. Pope asks if Clayton really thinks he can deal with "those lizards." As Clayton exits he says it's no longer about winning and losing, but about surviving. But, like, clearly after they can no longer find any other kids to sacrifice, this arrangement is going to become problematic. Or maybe the Skitters will be sated by Tessa's soup. Pope asks where this leaves him, and Clayton says he's right where he was after he broke into their supply shed. Pope notes that, to be fair, it was unlocked. And that's because Pope stabbed Tessa's uncle, who was guarding it. Oh, leave it to Pope.

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