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Back at the Second Mass HQ, pregnant Sarah is about ready to pop. Dr. Glass orders everyone out of the room, but Sarah wants Maggie to stay. Maggie's fine with it, as long as Sarah doesn't try to manipulate her into doing some Lamaze shit. Sarah says that if she has a boy, she's thinking of naming it David. Maggie asks if that's the baby's father and Sarah says that no, if she were naming the kid after her father he'd go by Spermdonor. Spermy for short. Sarah was a work-at-home interior designer and figured it would be no biggie to pop a baby into the picture. She could do meetings on Skype! Because it has that famous "crying infant" audio filter. Sarah preemptively found a play group with other moms, and then six weeks after she got pregnant aliens invaded the planet. So she found a play group when she was like a month pregnant? That seems kind of psycho to me.

Speaking of psychos, Mike is talking to Hal about Rick. He says that before, as sick as Rick was, he'd never complain. Probably because he didn't have the breath to gasp out his list of grievances. And Lord, could Rick make Mike laugh. As opposed to now, when Rick makes Mike get goose bumps and a weird feeling in his stomach. Mike says that he hated when Rick was taken, but he hates what the Skitters did to him even more. With that, Mike picks up a gun and tells Hal to grab his weapon and gather up the others. They're blowing this splintery Popsicle stand! He imparts the news that Clayton has made a deal with the Skitters, and then starts waking the other kids. They scurry down the stairs just in time to run into Tessa, who wants to know what they're doing. Hal wants Tessa to tell him that she didn't know about Clayton's deal with the Skitters, but all she can say in response is, "I was gonna talk to them about you. Fix it so you could stay." That one is definitely not girlfriend material. To wit, she screams for her dad as Mike and the kids run out of the house.

Clayton and his minions are in hot pursuit, and Clayton reminds everyone that they need the little ones alive. Mike tries to fend off the Doom Farm team, crouching behind a car for protection. When there's a short pause in the shooting, Mike tells Hal and Rick to keep going as he tries to keep Clayton at bay for as long as possible. He asks Hal to promise that he'll take care of Rick. Hal reluctantly agrees, because although no one wants to be saddled with that shit you can't really argue with a guy who's getting shot at to protect your ass. Mike grabs Rick and tells him that he loves him always, no matter what happens. He then instructs Rick to stay with Hal, and yells at the two to go. They do, and poor Mike is left alone with the Doom Farm brigade. Tessa's dad asks if Mike thinks that he's somehow better than them. Don't we all at this point? Mike yells back that the Skitters harnessed his son, and he knows what they're doing to these children. Mike might not be able to stop it, but he quite emphatically won't be a part of it. Clayton sneaks around the corner of the car and, while pointing a gun in Mike's face, tells him that the world is falling apart. We cut to the kids running through the woods, with Hal and Ricking briefly pausing as they hear a shot in the distance. I believe that makes Mike the third of four black guys to get prominently killed on this show. If I were Anthony, I'd start getting nervous.

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