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Previously on Falling Skies: Alien overlords! Ben was alive! Dr. Harris de-harnessed Ricky, who then re-harnessed himself and spoke for the captive alien Skitter! Also, this show tried to convert us all to being religious and thankful and shit. Nice try, Spielberg!

It is night, and Maggie and Hal come racing back to Camp 2nd Mass on their motorcycles, bearing large backpacks. Hal points out that he thought Maggie was going to leave him in the dust on the last turn, and she says she paid attention when Pope taught her how to ride since she figured she'd have to outrun him some day. Though Pope and his crew did things so nefarious to Maggie that they can't even be mentioned, they also really did teach her some handy post-apocalyptic life skills. Hal tells Anthony and a couple of other guys that they discovered an untapped water tower. I guess somewhere deep inside I was wondering why these people haven't died of thirst yet. Thanks, writers.

It turns out that Maggie and Hal are carrying lots of drugs in their backpacks. Hal asks Maggie if she's ever going to tell him how she knew where they were. She points out that, as a senior in high school, he might have had some idea where the local dealer kept his stash. Oh no, not Hal! He was too busy at lacrosse practice and polishing his biceps and keeping his teeth perfectly white. Maggie says, "That explains a lot." Deep down, though, like every living woman under 70, she still wants to bone him.

Maggie and Hal unpack in the lab with Dr. Anne Glass, noting that they have Percocet, Demerol, oxy, and heroin. Tom comes walking in just in time to say that he's never even seen heroin before. I always did take him for more of a meth guy. Anne says it looks like cocaine, which she ONLY knows because she watches a lot of late-night cop shows. This prompts Tom to say that he once had a student who wrote a thesis on the history of the American police drama. Tom graded him down because he didn't mention Miami Vice. Maggie looks on like, how can you bunch of squares turn a backpack full of heroin into the most boring mating ritual ever? It's almost impressive in its commitment to dullness.

Hal and Maggie (who really goes by Margaret now) leave, and Dr. Anne says that they need to work the drugs into a usable form. Tom asks if it will all be ready by tomorrow night, which is presumably the night that he's once again going to try to rescue Ben. The other times were all just good practice! Anne tells Tom that harness removal isn't her area of expertise, and that he should talk to Dr. Wings. She also wants Tom to understand how risky the de-harnessing is. Tom says that it worked on Rick, because obviously he didn't see how Rick put the harness back on and then tried to let Hermie the captive Skitter out of his cage. Dr. Anne doesn't get into that whole mess, and simply says that the operation seems to have worked, but they're not sure yet. Tom understands that Ben could die, and realizes that Anne can't perform miracles. He notes that he put a picture of Ben on the bulletin board of missing kiddos -- all the other kids there are missing, but he knows exactly where Ben is. He's going to go get him, and they'll take it from there. Tom exits the room while Dr. Anne looks like, "Dear Abby: I just met this really great guy...will it ruin our burgeoning relationship if I kill his kid while trying to remove an alien tentacle from his back? What should I do? Sincerely, Post-Apoc Doc in Acton, Mass."

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