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Pictures of the Floating World
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Two shows to watch instead of this show: The Good Wife and The Vampire Diaries. You probably think they are not for you, for various reasons that I understand but are none of my business, but I stand behind both of those shows. And nobody's more surprised about that than I am, which seems to be a common theme about these two shows in particular.

Because so yeah, the show's been canceled and supposedly we'll get the last five episodes next year, but I don't have a lot of faith in those sorts of promises. We will see. But this isn't a postmortem, because even though the show is over, it's alive and it is beautiful. Something new appeared in the world and we got to see it, and that makes us lucky.

The opening is a little confusing. It's quick-blipped stuff from the news and Sarno, as usual, but instead of being onscreen it's just audio, over a strange swooping shot across Caprica City's skyline. The clods move fast, and an eyeball stares at us like Sauron or something before flipping through Amanda's memories since the bridge. I don't think I get it, but the deficit lies with me. She was under the water; she came up. Clarice watches her sleeping and touches her hair, softly.

Sarno jokes about how he's done nearly enough crimes in NCC to afford the game itself. I wonder if you can play NCC inside NCC. Maybe that's all they're ever doing. Sam sleeps, remembering the women screaming. On the news they're talking about it, how the Troubles are coming around again back on Tauron. Daniel wakes up sweating, remembering when Tomas died in his arms. It's stopped raining but the nights are still bad.

Morning in the Adams house, and it's a-bustle. Sam and Larry arrive for Willie, while Evelyn and Joe dance around Ruth in a well-practiced, choreographed easiness that says how far they've come. He doesn't even know about Emmanuelle, or how hard Evelyn tried to break his heart so it could come to life again. She fulfills his every need, before he needs it. Sam runs to the TV and turns it on, for more news about the Tauron insurrection.

Larry hates it because he doesn't understand it, this obsession with the propped-up Tauron dictator. He dines on caviar while his people are dying. Caprica pays him, probably pays the contras too. I never really believed in the famine. You can't explain something like that to people like this. The fight's between the Agrarians and the Heracletes. They're just words to Larry, Sam's Caprican husband; to Evelyn and Sam they're real. They are scars. Ruth knows. Even as Larry's sighing and Sam's bitching at him, she tells Willie to pay attention.

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