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Howdy, Pardner
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John Ross is recuperating in Elena's bed after his ass-whuppin'. She's crawling around on the floor, looking for one of her boots. John Ross makes a hilarious "OMG!" face and produces it from under the covers. Elena looks over his bruised face and curses J.R. for getting him into so much trouble. John Ross looks a wee bit guilty and says things are more complicated than that. "Don't defend him," Elena says. "He got you into this mess and didn't do anything to get you out. Christopher had to." John Ross isn't moved. "I never asked him to use his gas rights to pay the Venezuelans," he says. That's when Elena reveals that Bobby had planned to drill on Southfork before Christopher stepped in. John Ross is surprised and more than a little moved to hear that his uncle was willing to do that to save his life. Elena gets a call about some trouble at the ol' Henderson well. As she leaves, John Ross lies back and makes some epiphany faces.

Christopher and Rebecca go shopping for their upcoming twins. Christopher still doesn't trust Rebecca but he's working on it and then they buy two toy monkeys. These monkeys will be important later.

Rebecca returns home, alone, and is surprised to find Tommy waiting for her. "How did you get in here? I changed the locks!" He smoldered them off. He reminds Rebecca that he wants her to steal the plans for Christopher's methane doohickey. He'd steal them himself, but he needs Christopher's key card to get into his office. Tommy's buyer is getting antsy. He gets gropey with Rebecca and creepily rubs her belly when she screams. "Sh, you're gonna wake the babies!" She claws his face. That gets him to back off. "The plans to Christopher's rig," he says, "or I put a bullet in your little fairytale."

Harris Ryland surprises Sue Ellen at her office. At first, she actually seems slightly happy to see him... or at least not filled with revulsion. Then he gifts her with a bottle of wine, knowing full well she's a recovering alcoholic. They drop all pretense of being friendly and get down to business. Ryland reminds her of the money he donated to her campaign, then reveals that he knows she bribed his "good friend" the medical examiner. Ryland suggests Sue Ellen try using "more carrot, less stick," which is the opposite of my advice. Neither option would have especially helped Sue Ellen in this case though, as Ryland would still have an in with her. He wants her to launder a big chunk of his money through one of her campaign PACs. Or else. Sue Ellen tries to return Ryland's donation, but he's like, "No givesies-backsies!" She's screwed.

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