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Crichton pops in to Chiana's cell to explain her part of the scheme. Chiana asks, "How do you suppose I get Varla to Command?" Crichton's sure she'll figure something out. He says he needs half an hour, and heads for the door.

Aeryn walks down a corridor and runs into D'Argo. She asks if he's feeling better. D'Argo rather seductively says, "I've never felt any better." Aeryn hrms.

Crichton and Rygel attempt to rewire Moya for HDTV. Or whatever. They fuss with wires, sparks fly, they bitch at each other, and so on. Pilot calls in and announces that Chiana is with the other Nebari in Command. He pointedly adds, "And I have nothing to show them."

Command. Varla idly tortures Chiana with the collar and says, "You said you know where Neri is hiding." Milac looks nervous as Chiana says that she'll tell them where Neri is.

Crichton gripes that he told Chiana to wait half an hour. Pilot tetchily says that it's been half an hour. Crichton was looking for a more supportive comment, I think. Then D'Argo strolls in and asks what's going on. Rygel, who seems to be unclear on the whole "pretending to be cleansed" concept, sighs, "Just what we need, a lobotomized Luxan." Aeryn joins the party, and Crichton resumes his Keanu impression as he asks them to give him a hand with the conduits. D'Argo says he fixed them an hour ago. Aeryn and D'Argo figure that Crichton's lying, which means badness. Crichton, still sounding stoned, says, "Wow, y'know, you're both really mistaken, but if you don't wanna help, just leave me alone. I can work in peace, man." Aeryn thinks they should all go talk to Varla. Rygel starts to move away, but D'Argo snags him. Crichton says he really can't go chat with Varla now. D'Argo says, "Then you leave us no choice," and tongue-zaps Crichton. Or tries to. I guess Crichton somehow managed to dodge, since he goes on arguing that cleansing was supposed to prevent "inappropriate behaviors." Aeryn tells Rygel to drop whatever he's doing. Rygel, holding two futuristic jumper-cables, starts to argue, but Crichton agrees: "It's a good idea, man." He lifts his feet up from the floor, and after hesitating for a moment, Rygel smiles and drops the cables. They hit the floor on top of each other, and a flash of electricity zaps over and hits Aeryn and D'Argo, who collapse. Crichton sighs, "Bitchin', man," and Rygel agrees: "Bitchin'."

Command. Chiana flails around as the collar strangles her. Varla asks again where Neri is. The torture session is interrupted when Crichton strolls in and non-urgently announces that he has urgent news. "It appears as though we're being shadowed by a Peacekeeper patrol." Varla asks for Pilot to verify that. Pilot appears on the clamshell and says that a squadron of Prowlers is closing in on them. Varla calmly orders, "Prepare for confrontation." Crichton points out that Moya doesn't have any weapons. Chiana sneers, "How screwed does that make you?" and gets strangled for her trouble. Varla insists that they can withstand Prowlers, and orders Pilot to increase speed. Pilot adds that there's also a Command Carrier. Crichton asks for a visual. The viewscreen shows an awful lot of ships zipping toward them. As the screen zooms in on the Peacekeeper's guns, Crichton offers, "Whoa." Varla suggests taking defensive maneuvers, but Chiana says that the only option is to starburst. Which, Pilot reminds them all, will kill him. Varla insists that they're almost to the outpost. Pilot says that the Command Carrier's cannons have locked onto Moya. Milac insists, "They wouldn't fire before contacting us." Then, less confidently, he asks, "Would they?" Pilot reports that the Peacekeepers have opened fire. On the viewscreen, there's a flash, and the ship shakes. Pilot starts reporting damage to Moya. Sparks spray from the consoles as Moya is, apparently, hit by another burst of fire. Amid the chaos, Chiana tries to run, but her collar activates and she collapses.

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