A Clockwork Nebari

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And then Crais appears on the viewscreen. His staticky image announces that a boarding party is about to dock. He says, "Do not attempt to turn them away. If you do, it will mean the destruction of your ship. I warn you, do not test me." Varla asks how far they are from the outpost. Chiana weakly says, "You'll never make it." Varla chokes her some more, just for giggles, and Chiana collapses onto a console. Pilot answers that they're an hour from the outpost, and there's no way they can outrun the Peacekeepers without Starbursting. Crichton suggests releasing Pilot so that they can Starburst. Varla climbs up onto the console, the better to loom at Chiana, and declares, "If the Peacekeepers get the girl, she'll lead them to Neri." She pulls out her goofy Nebari gun, and then Crichton swiftly declares, "That goes against everything Nebaris stand for, man! You can't just kill her in cold blood!" Varla says it's for the greater good. Moya shakes again, and Chiana and Varla are thrown to the floor. Crichton grabs Milac and asks for his gun, but Milac refuses because this scene has to go on a little longer. Crichton tells Milac that he has to choose. Chiana manages to slug Varla a couple of times before Varla activates the collar again. Milac finally speaks up, saying that they can't "terminate the prize that [they] were sent to retrieve!" There's an explosion, and suddenly Crichton is struggling with Varla for her weapon. It's an ineffective struggle, since Varla almost immediately aims the gun at Crichton, who confesses that they aren't really under attack. He shouts, "Pilot, terminate the simulation!" Pilot protests briefly, but then gives in, and suddenly the viewscreen is empty and the ship is calm. Varla, still aiming at Crichton, asks what would have happened if she'd released Pilot. Crichton says, "We would starburst away from your rendezvous point, you foul skank." Varla activates Crichton's collar, and tells Milac, "Discipline and faith defeat any insurgence." Milac doesn't look too happy about that. Chiana suddenly rushes Varla, they trade blows, and Crichton grabs Varla's arms so she can't activate the collar. And then Milac shoots Varla from behind. Finally. As she dies, Varla gasps, "You betrayed me..." Milac self-righteously declares, "And you have betrayed the spirit of our people." For some obscure reason, Crichton tells Milac, "Sorry you had to do that." Milac says he had no choice, and marches away. Crichton makes sure that Chiana is okay, and then Pilot asks if the simulation was effective. Crichton wearily says, "You're the best. You were great."

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