A Clockwork Nebari

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Aeryn, D'Argo, and Zhaan (hey, remember Zhaan? Yeah, neither did anyone else.) are locked in a cell while Rygel lurks outside. Rygel says that they'll be imprisoned until the cleansing wears off. Aeryn growls, "It has frelling worn off!" Rygel says they have to be sure. D'Argo reminds us all that he has to go rescue his son. Rygel says that Pilot is plotting a course, so D'Argo can just "stay in there and metabolize." He cackles and swoops off.

Milac marches through the hangar. Chiana suddenly appears behind him and declares that she's going with him. Milac grumpily says that Neri told him not to bring Chiana back. Chiana protests that she wants to help her brother. Milac says that he'll say that everyone was killed in an attack. Crichton appears in the background and says that Milac is right. He tells Chiana, "If you go into Nebari territory, you will be recognized and arrested." Chiana sniffles that she wants to see her brother. Crichton says, "Your brother's alive. He's alive. Take that. It's more than you had yesterday." Chiana sniffles that she wants to join him, and Crichton says that he knows, "But since when do people like us get what we want?" Milac having snuck off in the meantime, the Nebari ship powers up. The Nebari ship leaves Moya as Crichton pulls Chiana into a hug and leads her away.

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