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Crichton is talking things over with Pilot. Crichton remembers that Varla and Milac were attacked by Peacekeepers, and then says those dangerous words: "I've got an idea." He asks if Pilot could make it seem as if the Peacekeepers had found Moya. Pilot, enthused, says he could manipulate some images in Moya's files. Crichton tells him to get to work and prepares to go hunting D'Argo and Aeryn. But before he leaves, Pilot says that without the DRDs, he'll need someone to make a connection in Moya's neural clusters.

Cut to Crichton in a storage bay, holding that weird oar-bat as he goofily calls, "Oh, Ryyy-gel! Where are you, my little husky?" There's silence, and then a squeaky farting sound. Crichton moves in the direction of the sound, and suddenly knocks a large box off of a shelf. He uses the stick to pry the box open, and Rygel's head pokes out. Heh. Rygel, in his helium-altered voice, says, "Oh, uh, hello!" Rygel nervously asks if Crichton's been cleansed. By way of an answer, Crichton puts his boot on Rygel's neck and shouts, "I'm sick of having you sell us out every chance you get!" Rygel argues, "I don't do it every chance!" Ha! Crichton removes his boot and then grabs Rygel, hauling him across the room and slamming him against the underside of a shelf. He asks how Rygel figured on getting out of this. Rygel whimpers, "They only cleanse those who don't conform. I can be the go-along guy if it means being a part of the action." Crichton spits, "You aren't into self-preservation..." and then slams him down on a table and concludes, "You are the king of it!" Rygel sits up and sniffs, "Not king. Dominar." Crichton wearily says that he and Pilot have a plan, and they need Rygel's help. Rygel harrumphs, "And if I refuse?" Crichton instantly resumes his surfer stylings and loudly calls, "Heyyyy, everybody, Rygel's not mind-cleansed!" Rygel hisses, "Shhh!" Crichton asks if he's made his point. Then we hear Aeryn ask, "What's all this noise?" Wow, Aeryn's not in this one much, is she? Crichton dopily says that he was just calling Rygel. He explains, "He's gonna, uh, help me fix a leak in one of the amnexus conduits." Rygel grinningly agrees. Aeryn says she thought D'Argo was doing that. Rygel agrees, "Yes, he is!" Crichton says, "Naw," and grabs the back of Rygel's cloak, at which point Rygel immediately starts shaking his head and saying, "No." Crichton says that D'Argo is sick, so he and Rygel will take care of it. He swings Rygel up onto his shoulders and tells Aeryn, "Yeah, we're gonna do our service for the greater good." Rygel chuckles, "By-yeee." They bop out, and Crichton manages to slam Rygel's forehead into the bulkhead. Which probably wasn't an accident.

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