A Constellation Of Doubt

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Chiana asks when John will give up. What the moment will be. "I don't." But he's got to give up sometime, she says, determined to be honest with him. "No. I don't."

Bobby asks Olivia to shoot his picture with Aeryn; she goofs off into the camera very believably -- like with John in her last episode, she gives good goofy -- and says she was thinking of shooting him. Bobby awkwardly puts an arm across Aeryn's back and admits they've made him the coolest kid in school; Aeryn assures him he was pretty cool before.

Chiana asks John where they'll find her, his mouth goes hard. "We find her." Chiana suggests that, all things being ruined, he could still return to Earth. "Not without Aeryn," he promises. It's not anger, it's just the hollow determination of a man with one star in the whole sky. It's not anger; it's love.

"When you're born into military service the way I was," Aeryn explains to Bobby. "It's deemed best to not have any ties to anyone but your unit." He points the camera at her face. "No brothers or sisters? Aunts or uncles?" He sits down next to her before the camera. "Didn't you miss that?" Merry Christmas: "Only once I was exposed to it." Chiana complains to John: "They don't like her there. They don't like any of us." John just looks at her, and tells her she watches too much TV. It's getting harder; education is at less of a premium as the footage continues. Do you let your TV get you down, or do you learn from it? Chiana whispers, "Yep." As Monroe signs off for another commercial break, John almost spits. "Bet this sumbitch wins an Emmy." Okay, now I'm sure there's a joke there, but it's probably in the commentaries and I'm not watching those for this show. I think we can probably guess.

"Amidst all the readily identifiable dissimilarities between our human race and the alien visitors we've been learning about, occasionally on these startling videotapes we come upon a moment that seemingly unites us in spirit across endless chasms of space." That was more tortured than any sentence I have ever written. Good one, Monroe. We cut now to Chiana sitting in the bushes, her eyes gone that black that tell you her heart is breaking. She's holding something small and broken in her hands, and whispering to it: "It's okay. It's okay. It's okay." Bobby comes around on her, in the bushes. "Is that a dead rat?" I almost started crying right then. What did Einstein say about ripples? What did that guy say about Noranti's mere presence warping the world? Simply by existing, the Moyans have brought change and destruction to the world. Simply by standing in that kitchen and doing her work, she's broken Chiana's heart. The whole episode basically just says that over and over; trust me to only feel it once Chiana got involved. "He was my friend. We were just playin'... He just stopped outside the kitchen to eat something and just..." She pets the body, covers it with her sweater and her glove. Hides it from the world. She leans over, and kisses it on the head, and hugs it to her chest. "It's okay." Smallest and most precious, and the fact that it's a rat and not a bunny, well, that's sad in a Chiana kind of way. Olivia: "The more time you spend with Chiana -- and the others -- the more you realize, with incredible joy and relief, that we're not that dissimilar."

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