A Constellation Of Doubt

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I hate this part. Chiana stands before a mirror in a bath towel, a lipstick in hand and blobs of color and blush all over herself. She looks kind of amazing. "What is this for?" Bobby tells her lipstick is for lips. "...I ask because my grandfather says you're a great bellwether on who we are as a species." She takes a huge bite of the lipstick and smiles at him around it: "Bellwether. Do males put these on their faces?" Bobby says that in his particular family, no, but for a second cousin no one talks about. Cruelty and kindness and all the monsters outside the house you decided to build. Chiana calls it a waste, and rubs the lipstick across the top of her head. "Make-up?" She points to the makeup all around the sink: "Why are there so many colors?" She holds up a compact of eye shadows; Buddhist guy calls it a condemnation of materialism. "One must look past the physical and see the spiritual side." He calls her "highly evolved," which is still not the point. Dr. Edmund "Actually Brian Henson" Johnston, Professor of Cognitive Behaviorism, Stanford University: "Remembering for a moment her otherworldly origins, Chiana's perspective is consistent, well-thought-out and, in my view, correct." She continues to lecture Bobby, about to spin Cognitive Behaviorism spinning on its ass. "I've seen water rooms like this that have two toilets, two showers, a sink and a tub...and a bubbling tub, bubbling." She laughs, dancing around, wild, explaining this to Bobby. On Moya, Chiana and Rygel sit watching the video together.

"How many places do you need water to come from? You can wash up in the toilet!" Bobby scoffs, but she kneels down at the toilet and scrubs her face with its water. "See? It's clean." Bobby, behind the camera, shudders. As he zooms in, she takes offense, not understanding but clearly being laughed at. Children destroy innocence better than any grownup. As the pundits hold forth, she angrily pushes Bobby out of the bathroom and shuts the door on him. There's no way she could have known; no way she could know that this show got cancelled because of its preoccupation with the silly fears and biology paranoia that inhabit our darker places. There's nothing worse she could have done than put her face in the toilet; and nothing more innocent or harmless.

Even the experts, even the ones formerly on her side and on the side of the aliens, recoil. "What we're seeing is a very young, disturbed alien girl." "Clearly a passionate, though troubled young lady." Bishop Mervyn Vosko: "This young woman should not be allowed near any impressionable child. She is clearly dangerous, troubled and a bad influence." Dr. Anderson: "I defy anyone..." but Chiana presses a button back on Moya, turning the TV off.

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