A Constellation Of Doubt

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Scorpius lies on his back, in his bunk; the door has none of Moya's usual curves and lines, it's a lightning zigzag as sharp as knives. John stands beyond them. "You set me up." Scorpius turns his head to the door, almost lazily. "...Not that I care." He opens the door and enters, willingly. "I don't care 'bout much." He looks down at Scorpius: "War. Death. And wormholes: I don't care about the things you care about. Peacekeepers rule the Scarrans; Scarrans rule the Peacekeepers...let them rule together. Put your ass in a cage." Scorpius lies unmoving, a snake pretending it's asleep. "I care about one thing. One. God have mercy on my soul." John looks upwards, kneels beside Scorpius. Handing it over. The one thing the universe rewards is sacrifice. Yesterday's cunning plan and secret fear becomes today's proffered sacrifice. The one thing Scorpius can't know, he told us, was that Aeryn is the key. And now Aeryn is gone. Again.

"I think I'm gonna need your help, Mister Scarran half-breed, to get Aeryn back. Help me get her, and I will give you wormholes." (One scene! We got one scene of the secret make-outs! The world is cruel!) Scorpius opens his eyes by a fraction and turns his head by a fraction and he stays silent. "I have an idea of how to find the Scarran base. Aeryn for wormholes. That's the deal." You'd think just hearing him say it was bad enough; it'll get worse. We're trading science for somebody else's violence -- trading Scorpius's protection, too, for obsolescence. No matter how much Scorpius loves John, he's there to safeguard the knowledge. He's changed not at all, he's given up nothing. John is handing Scorpius his own death sentence in the same hand as he's giving the most hateful person in the universe the most powerful weapon imaginable. He's signing more death warrants than we have numbers to count. It's not just a deal with the devil, as we say. It's a deal with the devil in himself, that he made staring at the television, tears rolling down his face. It's not just that he's cutting a deal, it's that he's cutting the exact deal that Scorpius would have him cut. All those twisted Aurora plans, in Scorpius's twisted love for him, for John's strength, and for his soul. For his growth. Scorpius wins again. All of these and more are inscribed on John's face, which is indescribable. He backs away; Scorpius rises like the dead, turns his head. Looks at the door where John just was.

But John is gone.

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