A Constellation Of Doubt

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D'Argo on video, on the balcony of Chez Alien: "I've seen lots of your movies, and in every film, the aliens are always evil...and Earth always is victorious." Bobby asks if he's saying we have to learn that there are good aliens; he pans in on D'Argo's reply: "No, I mean you have to learn you won't always win." This is D'Argo's truth. It's the only truth he knows: you can be overtaken. Dr. Garrett Hamilton, anthropologist from the University of Michigan, gets all oxygenated: "This is a watershed moment in human history, the equivalent of a huge meteor smashing Earth during dinosaur times. Will we bend under the sudden weight of it? Or respond and flourish?" He's one of the good ones. This show Alien Visitation is some expertly edited (though let's not talk about the fishy perfection and professionalism of Bobby's footage; that's nitpickery and not allowed in this particular dojo because what's the point) propaganda. It just gets worse and worse.

Aeryn cocks an eyebrow at Bobby at the counter in the kitchen, wearing a long-sleeved dress: "You can't even fully accept us, and we're the nice aliens...what about some of the next ones that come down through the wormhole?" She picks up a sandwich, takes a bite out of it. Dr. Jason Fletcher, the president of the International Society of Sociology: "My biggest fear, exacerbated in part by these tapes, is that the fabric of our society may come under an assault it is not yet prepared to withstand." ...Less hopeful, but still understandable.

The camera zooms in on Sikozu, sitting in the den. "The political complications that may arise from a simple wormhole floating in your atmosphere will devastate a planet that is still in the throes of intraspecies chaos." She speaks matter-of-factly, and she should know; the camera pans back and back as she goes back to her reading, surrounded by information. Dr. Edith Anderson, Psychologist -- and author of What Makes Us Tick: A Study Of Evil -- has a serious case of Mean Old Lady face. "I'm particularly concerned with the effects of another alien visitation on society in general. Since they've left, there's been a seven-hundred-percent increase in panic and anxiety attacks." Just the kind of medical claim that...cannot be verified or tested. I smell another bestseller! Rygel sits at a table, adorably covered in pumpkin pie and whipped cream: "If Earth is remembered at all, it will most likely be for the quality of its manual labor." Heh. But also, yikes! Stop him talking!

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