A Constellation Of Doubt

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Reverend Nathan Buckley, National Religious Leader and Gross Stereotype of the Moral Majority, which is neither, and which takes the name of so many good Americans in vain for its own purposes. "If her religion justifies killing, then she's not someone I want telling us what to believe." Um? Ivan Chanderpaul, Federation of American Buddhists: "There is never an occasion when murder is allowable. Life is the font of all that we hold with respect." Wow, not getting it. Usually the Buddhists are a bit quicker on the uptake with this stuff. General Harwell Zawicki, United Nations Space Command: "After she's had to kill somebody, then I'll accept her pronouncements." Well, at least the Buddhists are ahead of you, sir. What in the hell does that have to do with anything? At all? And she has, and she will, and it will be holy, which is more than I can say for you. Stop talking about yourself if you're going to be on TV. Noranti fiddles with a deck of cards on the table in front of her as Bobby asks if religions hate each other where she comes from. "Oh, good heavens no! Religions are grand, lofty ideals. Religious followers, now...that's a different story." Wars? "Unspeakable." So we're not so different? "That's nothing to be proud of." Yes. I wish Zhaan had been able to meet her. She would have loved her so much; they could have saved each other. Makes me sad.

Dr. Jayne O'Connor, Criminal Psychologist, Duke University: "This is a dangerous woman. She effortlessly twists her simple logic into something that is almost believable, until you look deeper...and it unravels. Not the kind of personality you would want running around unchecked." It unravels. You're a criminal psychologist: it's your life's work to unravel. Meanwhile, the rest of us will go on being happy.

Back to Monroe: "Sometimes it's hard to remember that just a few short months ago..." John fast-forwards; stops as Aeryn begins to speak. "Well, what you have to understand is, while cultures and civilizations may vary wildly from socially primitive to hyper-mechanized, there is still a uniformity in the way that people conduct their lives." We're back in the interview set. "You're saying wherever you go in the Universe, we're all the same?" Essentially, yes. In that way, Earth is no different from other planets. "Other species, from different worlds...do they have relationships? Marriage? Children?" Aeryn...answers not actually the question he asked, but the one on her mind. She's got so many tells, even Monroe knows when to push and prod and bite. "Most definitely," she says. "...There are limits. The genetic patterns would have to support such a union." Wow, I think he was asking if Sebaceans got married, not if you and Crichton were S-I-T-T-I-N-G, but since the whole point of these two episodes is the fact that John still doesn't know if your child is his, thanks for getting us there that much quicker, babe. No more going on TV until we sit down and have a serious talk, because you just handed him not only his next sound bite, but the rest of the series that's left: "And could a Sebacean, such as yourself, procreate with a human male?" Her mouth drops open as she traces back and realizes she just did that to herself. And then just stops thinking altogether. John rewinds. "And could a Sebacean, such as yourself, procreate with a human male?" Her mouth drops open as she traces back and realizes she just did that to herself. And then just stops thinking altogether. "...Officer Sun?" She does not speak. If she could smile, she would, and we'd see her again the last way we saw her: unspeaking, unable to talk about the baby. Unable to bring up any emotion at all. Shocked into nothingness. John stares intently at Aeryn on the screen.

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