A Human Reaction

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A Human Reaction

This recap is written from my DVD, which might differ from what you've seen due to broadcast differences in the U.S./UK -- I don't think it really matters, but between writing for the Battlestar Galactica and the Firefly fans, I know it can be deeply upsetting when the details don't match up with what you've watched a hundred million times. This is me apologizing in advance for the extra dialogue and editing differences. This version's better anyhow. Thanks to the 'Scaper posters in the forums who contributed a great deal to a wonderful charity to make this recap happen. You rock. I hope this makes you happy.

Short shot of Moya flying through space, and then a roller-coaster shot that zooms around an interior corridor (um, also known as "the" interior corridor). There's a dreamlike feeling to almost the entire episode, even after things get rough, that should clue you in to the fact that something weird is going on. John Crichton records another message to his father -- "It's always the same here, Dad: nice and quiet" -- and we cut ironically (John's not exactly a surgeon of irony) to Zhaan and Chiana, bickering as they wander down the corridor. Zhaan is blue and bald and gorgeous, a priestess with a secret Wolverine crazy side, and Chiana is gray and a freak and gorgeous, a mutant member of a scary-orthodox race, and has a not-so-secret crazy side. She's kind of like the obnoxious little sister, while Zhaan is the mothering, insufferably patient one. We won't be seeing them again, so live it up. Zhaan's bitching at Chiana for stealing her stuff, and Chiana's acting irrepressible about it, and Zhaan's concerned that, when they let Chiana onboard Moya, she promised at least to try not to steal everybody's shit. "You promised to adapt to our ways," Zhaan reminds her, and Chiana does her usual: "I've changed my mind! You 'adapt' to me!" She plays cute so much of the time that you forget how fucked up she actually is, which is good, because when you have to think about it, it's awful.

The fighting recedes into the distance as John continues his message in the maintenance bay. He seems to be having a tough time of it, talking into his recorder, which has been established as his kind of depressing, futile way of keeping in touch with Earth. He laughs tiredly and stretches. "It's late...No. It's space. I don't really know what time it is. It's, uh..." Close in on John, meaning it: "I miss the sun. Days. Nights. Simple things." The past seven months haven't been easy on John: he got sucked through a wormhole while working for (just call it NASA) IASA, accidentally killed an insane military commander's brother, ended up on a living ship with a bunch of jacked-up escaped prisoners, caught 'roid rage, brain-screwed a creepy alien that looked like Debi Mazar, fell a little bit in love with two different Sebacean chicks, joined a cult, got kidnapped by a psychic vampire-slash-clown, got kidnapped by another cult, had more brain-sex -- this time with Zhaan -- and went native on a random planet. He's tired, and he's homesick, and he's just discovered his first gray hair: "I wouldn't mention it, it's just that...I'm afraid I might be growing old out here." Wouldn't you? Moya's Pilot distracts him, calling him up to command. He hops up to go deal with whatever the next huge problem is, and whispers to himself, "...Can't deal with this."

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